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SteelSeries Gauges - Canvas
HTML5 Canvas based gauges
HTML5 Canvas based gauges


Version 0.14.17 released...

> RadialVertical
  * Added missing methods: setMinVal getMinVal setMaxVal getMaxVal setMinMeasuredValue setMaxMeasuredValue
> Radial, RadialBargraph, RadialVertical, Linear, LinearBargraph
  * Added some range checking on re-scale for: value, minMeasuredValue, maxMeasuredValue, threshold
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Version 0.14.12 has been released.

Fixes a bug in displayMulti.setAltValue()
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Version 0.14.11 has been released.

Fixes to the appearance of the linear gauge backgrounds (0.14.10 was a partial fix)
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v0.14.9 has been released, one minor fix..
> RadialBargraph & LinearBargraph
  * Fixed gradient drawing when gauge min value <> 0
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Version 0.14.7

> Added an optional callback function as a second parameter to all set value animation functions .setXxxAnimated(value, callback)
  The callback will be executed on completion on the gauge value animation.

I'm using this to set the threshold indicators (particularly the minIndicator) after the gauge has finished its animation. On first displaying the gauge I animate the pointer up from the min scale value to the required value. This means that the minInd cannot be pre-set to a desired value when the gauge is first drawn as it always takes the pointers lowest value - the min scale value in this case.

So my code looks something like this:

gauge.setValueAnimated(newValue, function () {
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Version 0.14.5 is available...

> All gauges will now accept the canvas parameter as both an ID string as before, and now also as a canvas object.

This will make the gauges much easier to use with frameworks such as JQuery.
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Version 0.14.3 is available...

> Updated a number of Canvas drawing routines that were using an 'illegal' .clip() call with a parameter.
  These were throwing exceptions in FireFox version 21+
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And version 0.14.2 includes the same scaling fix for horizontal linearbargraphs that got missed in 0.14.1 - and I've remembered to update the minimised version this time too ;-)
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