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Gossamer Axe
Gael Baudino Completed 3/19/2017 Reviewed 3/20/2017 5 stars How do I describe a book that’s both corny and wondrous at
the same time?  It’s kind of corny
because it’s about an ancient woman living in late 1980s Denver who uses heavy
metal music to fight for...

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Sarah Waters Completed 3/13/2017 Reviewed 3/14/2017 3 stars This was a peculiar book. 
I found it relatively boring and uninspired through most of it.  The story is about a Victorian lady who
visits a women’s prison on a regular basis. 
She eventually forms...

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Smoke and Shadows
Tanya Huff Completed 2/11/2017 Reviewed 2/21/2017 4 stars “Smoke and Shadows” begins a series by Tanya Huff that follows a
supporting character from the Blood novels. 
Tony, an ex-junkie and hustler, has gotten clean and sober with the help
of vampire Henry...

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Ethan of Athos
Lois McMaster Bujold Completed 1/29/2017 Reviewed 1/30/2017 4 stars I’ve been hit or miss with Bujold, particularly the
Vorkosigan Saga.  The book was a
hit.  The plot is a little off the main
line of the Saga, more like an offshoot. 
It revolves around Eth...

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The Devil You Know
KJ Parker Completed 1/26/2017 Reviewed 1/30/2017 5 stars It’s been a long time since I awarded a book five
stars.  This one did it for me.  It’s about Saloninus from “Blue and Gold”,
the philosopher/alchemist who lies a lot, and I mean, a lot.  He’s now in ...

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John Varley Completed 1/22/2017 Reviewed 1/24/2017 4 stars The captain of a spaceship and her crew are on an
exploratory mission to Saturn.  They
discover a new moon and quickly realize that it appears to be a generations
ship.  When they approach the moon-...

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Blue and Gold
KJ Parker Completed 1/16/2017, reviewed 1/16/2017 3 stars Blue and Gold has the most unreliable narrator I’ve ever
read.  And the narrator tells you on the
second page that he lies.  How much does
he lie?  A lot.  So much so that it’s hard to tell when he’s...

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Girl Meets Boy: The Myth of Iphis
Ali Smith Completed 1/13/2017, reviewed 1/13/2017 4 stars Girl Meets Boy is part of a series of books that are
retellings of famous myths.  There are
books in this collection by A.S. Byatt and Margaret Atwood, among others.  This book is a riff on the myth ...

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The Skull of Truth
Bruce Coville Completed 1/11/2017 Reviewed 1/12/2017 4 stars This juvenile fantasy novel is a delightful story chock full
of social issues.  Predominantly, it is a
tale about lying and telling the truth.   Charlie is a boy who lies all the time.  One day, h...

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Daniel Suarez Completed 1/8/2017 Reviewed 1/9/2017 3 stars This book is a high-tech thriller about a computer
application that threatens to take over the world.  A daemon is an application that runs in the
background and performs a function without human in...
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