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Isa Johnson
Just a brony who plays games and loves music
Just a brony who plays games and loves music

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I forgot it was my b-day today. Do not send me "Happy Birthday!" messages. I will block you if you do that. Not kidding. Ask me why so I can explain later today.   

Finished playing Ghosts yesterday. I see some of you are still waiting for it to be delivered. The game is good. It's not so amazingly awesome. It's fun but, it can get frustrating. I'll record some footage today.

So, I patched the attack data of about 65 mugen characters yesterday and today. What have you done over the weekend?

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In the "spirit of the holiday," I want to share some of gaming's most haunted levels. NOT meant to be scary but, it will disturb you :).

I may not celebrate Halloween but, I love good costumes and music made for the "holiday." So, I'm going to see some incredible costumes and listen to Nightmare Night.

I found an Ulquiorra pony through a random search game on Imgur. a.funny, thanks for creating this!

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Had to change Blazewing's look. I'm more pleased with it now. 

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Because all logic is lost from this. I had to do it. Too amused not to.

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I'm going to share something with you. It's a video me and my brother made. Volume and profanity warning. A multiplayer game never bodes well.

Yay. Internet finally fixed the cover issue. Now, I'm comfortable online.
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