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Movies based on video games are infamous for generally being terrible. Often there’s just not a whole lot in the source material to pin 2 hours of cinema on — Mortal Kombat, for example, is a game where people fight in small rooms a lot. Good story…
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I enjoy the Resident Evil movies, because it's Milla kicking ass, but they have such a tenuous link to the games. It's too bad the Silent Hill movies weren't better. Many games are good "movies" on their own. I enjoy watching +Nicole Soltys playing The Walking Dead series from Telltale Games.
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The closed beta for Landmark (no longer named EverQuest Next Landmark!) started up yesterday afternoon, and I was fortunate enough to be given a beta pass by alpha investor Aurelia, she of the awesome Democracy 3 DLC review video from a while back. When…
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Ha ha! I have had it in my head all week since I made that post.
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Jessica Cook

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Hey look, episode 3 of Totally Legit Movies is finally done! This time we talk about why you should watch the 2011 remake of The Thing and 2005 high school noir mystery Brick.
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At like 3am on Saturday morning I broke down and pre-ordered Warlords of Draenor. Behold, Dimanche the snotty Blood Elf paladin! I was surprised to see that insta-90s are spawned with a gear level good enough to queue for Throne of Thunder, the…
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I mulled it over for DAYS and decided to lvl my Enhancement Shammy to 90.  I've got my main (frost DK), my secondary (Demonology Lock) and my tertiary (Ifeelsorryforher Hunter).  Even in his 380-something gear, Maggnuss (the shammy) was kicking some serious ass!  I can't wait to lvl him to 100.  Of course the main will be first.  Even though I began playing mid-BC, the second I could roll a DK, I did, and I've loved her ever since.  Usually the lock is second to lvl, but not this time.  Being a big, sexy shammy is WAY too fun.  My significant other (whom I met on WoW, coincidentally) usually lvls his Pally first, but this time I think he's going with the mage.  Things, they are a-changing!!
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Jessica Cook

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Apple Cider Mage has a very thorough post this morning on the practicality and morality of making money off of content, specifically gaming-related blogs, podcasts, and videos. It’s a good write-up, and you should probably go read it. It was also a very…
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Jessica Cook

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** This information is correct as of the Closed Beta in April 2014 ** There are currently no tutorials in the Closed Beta stage of Landmark, and while that makes sense from a development perspective it’s also kind of confusing for new players. So behold:…
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Jessica Cook

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I played quite a bit of Hearthstone back in beta, but quickly burned out on being pretty terrible at it. I just started getting back into it a bit with the WoW mount crossover deal (oh Blizzard, curse your nefarious marketing plans) and suddenly I have…
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Jessica Cook

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WildStar has opened pre-orders and just had a big beta weekend, which means my guild is all excited about the game. And that’s a good thing! MMO launches are fun, and they are even more fun with a group of friends! But already my (retired) guild leader…
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Hearthstone officially launched yesterday and Blizzard cleverly decided to try and tempt their WoW players into trying it out with the one thing they know we can’t resist: a new mount. To get the mount, players must win three games against another player,…
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You guys, I forgot how much fun a good old fashioned MMO release date war can be. TESO played their hand well in advance and announced their April launch earlier this year. That left two big players — WildStar, and WoW’s Warlords of Draenor expansion.…
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Ben Lai
Did you get above 32? =) CBT is closing on the 16th =(
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Technical Writer, Gaming Enthusiast, Worryer
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I overshare on the Internet!

Hi! I'm interested in a bunch of stuff, particularly:

  • PC Gaming (RPGs & MMOs)
  • Horror and Genre Media
  • Web Tech and Podcasting
  • Cooking (keto)
  • Vancouver / Pacific Northwest
  • Current Events

I'm a compulsive communicator! I work as a technical / copy writer in Vancouver, B.C., as well as run a feminist gaming blog and a bi-weekly podcast on video games. I can easily nerd out about media studies and information design.

I run a lovely gaming community full of people who I would only occasionally like to throttle. I also like to cook (low carb) and watch indie horror movies and foreign reality shows. Sometimes I get in fights on the Internet.

My life's goals are to one day beat the racing penguin in Super Mario 64 and to successfully recreate Molly Ringwald's hairdo from The Breakfast Club.

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Vancouver, BC
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NDAs are the bane of bloggers

I love getting in beta tests for games. Certainly a lot of the appeal is just playing a game for free before anyone else (although I do try

“What’s new in RIFT?” or “Why are people playing this again?”

Oh hello! I am a little busy this week with work and real life things but earlier today a guildie asked me “What’s new in RIFT and why are a

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When computer scientists at Google's mysterious X lab built a neural network of 16,000 computer processors with one billion connections and

And then when I woke up I was green

I know I swore I would never give Blizzard Activision one red cent again. I know! And I meant it! At the time! But then there’s all this Dra

In which Liore has a hissy fit about the MMO genre

I am cranky at MMOs today! Despite the fact that I am still very much enjoying RIFT, I feel some dissatisfaction with the genre as a whole.

Turns Out My Line in the Sand is HERE (GW2, etc)

I know it’s only April, but if I had to name the big theme for the gaming industry in 2012 I’d say it’s the rapidly developing animosity bet

1.2 Pets and Rakghouls: SWTOR Is Worth Revisiting

Bragging time: Over the weekend an article I wrote last year about being a newbie disc priest on the WoW Arena Tournament server was publish

RPG Review Bonanza, and Why I Didn’t Like Skyrim

For whatever reason lately — I think I blame the last SWTOR weekend — I have had a deep need to play games with dialogue trees. On Friday ni


Hey guys! Anything interesting in MMO-land happen this weekend? Okay, okay, I kid. If you’re reading this, then you more than likely already

Things that are awesome: RIFT’s Water Saga Questline

The difficulty debate rages on, but I don’t have to say anything else about it because SynCaine at Hardcore Casual and a comment to that pos

A Glitch-y Weekend Review

It was a lazy weekend this time around (for a change) and while I had a bunch of RIFT things I wanted to accomplish I also was looking forwa

Skipping Combat and Bioware Drama

Did y’all get a look at the Bioware “drama” yesterday concerning Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, and SWTOR writer Jennifer Helper? Some

Located in the rapidly gentrifying area of Railtown, Two Chefs and a Table is almost exactly what the name implies: a tiny space with great cooking. You'll probably have to wait for a seat, particularly for brunch, but it's worth it! I had the chicken and waffles. The waffle was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, and the chicken batter was spicy but not too thick. If you enjoyed your meat, head up the block to Big Lou's Butcher Shop which is owned by the same folks and sells their delish hand made sausage.
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