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Bart Vetters
A wargamer living in Belgium, father of two, twiddles with computers to earn the cash to support the preceding two items.
A wargamer living in Belgium, father of two, twiddles with computers to earn the cash to support the preceding two items.

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Terrain archeology
Just off the painting and flocking table: This is the venerable Grendel Ruined Acropolis , a set which probably every wargamer of a certain vintage has lying around. This particular set has sat in its box since the early Lonely Mountain days of Schild en Vr...

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Then and now II - 17 years of painting redux
I'm currently setting up an Ancients game on my wargame table using one of my oldest collections of figures - Post-Roman Britons and Saxons. IIRC, Post-Roman Britons and Arthur were my second army, just after building a Gallic DBA army. Setting up these fig...

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Wet paint: some Cossacks
These were painted many months ago but were not featured on here yet (they did get varnished recently, so it still qualifies as 'wet paint' :)): They are good old Foundry Cossacks (Seven Years War types nominally, but a Cossack is a Cossack regardless of pe...

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Wet Paint: some more Wurttembergers
These were actually painted a week ago, but only posted now - some more Wurttemberg Napoleonic chaps: These are Wurttemberg grenadiers (one out of the two battalions per regiment had a company of grenadiers in the 1809 Wurttemberg OOB). They are painted up ...

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Quick photo report: GNW reinforcements game
Last night we played a GNW Black Powder game. I'll post a more detailed report later, but here's the photos from that game: The evening ended after five turns of the game, with lots of action in each one. The result was not quite clear enough to call the ga...

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Wet Paint: Thirty Years War musketeers
These are a stand of Thirty Years War musketeers: They are Warlord Games plastic figures and have been painted up as belonging to Gustavus' Yellow Regiment. I know these probably did not, in fact, look remotely yellow in real life, but I'm calling wargamer'...

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Back to painting
After a year of almost no painting output (it happens), here's the latest bits off (technically, still on) my painting desk: These are Front Rank Napoleonic Wurttemberg figures, painted up as the 1st Regiment. The idea is to replace my Victrix French brigad...

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3D printed walls
Just over a year ago, I bought a 3D printer (a Dreammaker Overlord Pro , through its Kickstarter), and while it's a bit of a temperamental beast requiring the occasional bit of virtual handholding and massaging, it has been useful in the odd hobby project. ...

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Epic Armageddon game @ Bart's
After the inaugural game at Koen's place , Koen schlepped his collection over to my place and we set up a city fight game, where the Eldar would continue the conquest of the city of Ziterna'n'og, then still occupied by Blood Angel Space Marines. Rules used ...

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Wet Paint: forest troll
Just a quick post to show the completed forest troll from before . Here he (it) is in finished glory:
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