There were some questions about my last post, so I'm here to answer them. Yes, the Creation Museum is a real place: It is a huge and very expensive facility funded entirely by donations. It is run by native Australian and Creationist dipshit Ken Ham of infamy, and its entire purpose is to undermine and destroy any scientific proof that our planet is older than 7,000 years. Of course, all ages are welcome.

The website has a virtual tour where you can see some of the exhibits, but my favorites are the ones about dinosaurs. According to the "museum," the T-Rex didn't eat meat (there was no death and thus no carnivores before Adam sinned), so their huge teeth were for cracking coconuts.

I swear I am not making this up.

The other are the dioramas showing people riding dinosaurs, and even an interactive one, shown below.

Yes, you heard it right - these people are so wacked-out nuts, they're literally on par with the accuracy of the Flintstones cartoon.

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