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Music really sooths the soul,
brings you back in time, brings back memories, reminds of the feelings you
chose to forget. It teaches you and tells you that you were once like anybody
else, been there done that, no matter how silly it may sound to you now wi...

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Sad, Jane...
One night, I asked you if you
still love me. Or will there ever come a time when you would love me like before?
So much have changed, no matter how you deny it, I’ll be dead numb not to feel
those changes… we’ve been to so much, the pretending, the loving, ...

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Plenty of reasons, some even life dependent, but can't seem to find the drive and determination to start... something's missing...been on this rut for almost a year now...I know what I have to do, but knowing isn't just enough... I need more push from You, ...

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Open Letter to Nichol Jane
By, sa tinagal tagal ng paghabol at pangungulit ko sa yo, at long last pinansin mo ulit ako at kinausap. una naninibago tayong kapwa sa sitwasyon dahil medyo matagal din tayong nagkalayo... halos lahat ng pangayayri sa buhay ko ay ikinukwento ko sa yo sa mg...

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Diamonds Only
Have you heard of the story “Diamonds Only”..? A story of a man stranded in the desert, dying of
thirst. One day, he found a sack filed with something. He thought – coconuts. He can drink the coco juice and his thirst
quenched. But when he opened the sack, ...

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For the Love of Money
Medyo kakaiba itong "post" ko na 'to sa mga nauna sa kadahilanang nailathala ito sa tagalog at hindi sa ingles kagaya ng iba ko pang mga "posts." Nagpasya akong isulat ito bunsod ng isang pakikipag talastasan sa isang kaibigan kani-kanina lamang. Hindi ko n...

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What's In A Name?
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose b y any other name would smell as sweet." If that's the case, does the name really matters t...

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