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Technophile, Athlete, Car Enthusiast
Technophile, Athlete, Car Enthusiast

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The Arizona Cardinals are 3-0, I get it. But #5 in the Power Rankings? They're not a good team!

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I can only imagine!
Deluxe Apartment In the Sky Lets You Keep an Eye On Your Car

A luxury high-rise condominium complex in Singapore called the Hamilton Scotts features an elevator for cars that delivers it into a glass garage inside your unit.

Using the lift requires a biometric scanner of some kind, so crooks can't gain access to your car -- or the inside of your condo.

Posted first on Google+ by +Sam Manohur. 

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Automatic-only next generation M3?

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This is still my favorite Suggs/Bayless debate, despite the many options

I hate when people get all emo and threaten to delete their FB profile over and over in hopes that someone will convince them not to. No one ever steps up, so do it!

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Eli better than Peyton? No way I'm on board with this.

Trying to decide whether to wear a jersey or my Ball So Hard University shirt. I should probably just get dressed...

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How to get unlimited data with Verizon, and stick it to the tiered plans.

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I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more attention, especially since AT&T's LTE is up and running in the Baltimore and DC areas. AT&T does have a lot of catching up to do though.
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