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Hello friends,
My name is Raven. I have been a Wholistic healer for about 7 years. I trained with a Shipibo Shaman in Peru and many other teachers throughout my journey.
Wholistic Healing I offer:
~ Reiki
~ Shamanic Journeying
~ Loading crystals with intention
~ Finding your Totem Animal
~ Journeying to your Higher Self
~ Journeying to your Sacred Space
~ Channeling
~ Distance Healing
~ Quantum Biofeedback
~ Improving your Psychic Abilities
~Plant and tree spirit medicine
Those are some of the main things I offer. I will make post explaining them in more detail so you can see if there is something that sounds like it could help you. Please feel free to email me with any questions.
My goal is to lead you on a journey through yourself to inner peace and self love

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