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I'm just here to share my experience at a basketball game. It's amazing that the tickets are $65 compared to some Texan game tickets I bought. As always fan hard #rednation 

It was a dissapointing loss, here are a couple of things I see wrong time after time.
1. Dig themselves in a big hole early.
2. Foul trouble on both Howard and asik, still haven't been able to see them play an extended period of time before someone is on the bench and coach has to go to the stretch.
3. Defense is non existent in the first half.
4. There is times where I see; Garcia, Parsons camping in the corner but harden either ignores or doesn't see them.
5. Do they know how to pass high with Howard for the alley?
6. I still love em and the season is young. Go rockets. 

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These refs are being homers >=(

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Just wanted to share an awesome experience I had yesterday 

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I'm a land surveyor and found this at a storage lot that I was surveying at by the trash. I reposted didn't realize I had some sensitive info on the picture 

does anybody know when i can buy a a Dwight Howard jersey? i hope Jeremy Linn doesn't get traded away or Asik. i just bought a black Jeremy Linn jersey. :( 
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