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David Bey
Joy, Creativity, Inspiration and Leadership.
Joy, Creativity, Inspiration and Leadership.

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I would like to create a quiz whereas it tallies the value of each questions and a message appears based on the score in the end. See example below.

90-100 / You are awesome!
80-89 / You are on the way to greatness.
70-79 / Keep practicing you will get there.

Is this possible with Google Forms?

I have already build the quiz. What is next?


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THANK YOU! …For saving my photos from the abyss. 

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I have a scenario where a purchasing agent registers it's employees into a workshop.

How do I extend the WooCommerce form to be able to except each employee's name, title, nickname, and email address.

Let's say Tom is the purchasing agent at his company. He is registering three employees. He selects a workshop and then add 3 to the cart. View Cart and then clicks proceeds to make payment.

We have the Billing Info Form there. I would like to then have a set of forms to add each employee's name, title, nickname, and email address based on how many workshops were purchased.

Any recommendations on the best way to handled this?


How can I display Product excerpts with the Product Shortcode?

I am using Google Forms to rate a person level of happiness. Here is a sample question:

I look after myself and take care of my well-being.
o not true [0 points]
o rarely true [5 points]
o sometimes true [10 points]
o mostly true [15 points]
o very true [20 points]

I would like the value of each answer to have a points as indicated. about. How can I achieve this? And after the form is complete the use would get a total score in the form of a percentage as a message such as: You are 80% happy!

I hope that what I wrote is clear but mainly how can I achieve this.


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Thank you. Excellent start so far. I have much to learn.

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Very informative!!!
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