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Cloning a VirtualBox VM to an external drive under Windows 7
If you want to create a clone of a VirtualBox VM where the clone will be on an external drive, this can be done without performing any additional copying. Ensure the external drive you wish to use is mounted, you have enough disk space for the clone, and th...

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Changing PDF paper types
Useful to know: use pdfinfo to find metadata and paper size, pdfjam to change the paper type/size specified in a PDF file.  pdfjam --outfile out.pdf --paper letter original_a4.pdf As seen in Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

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These are the reason for the day. (Father's Day in the US is today)
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Astronomy routines for MATLAB (and Octave?)
Over the last few years I've become a big fan of Matlab and its free, open-source, twin Octave so I was pleased to discover at least some professional Astronomers use it. The Astronomy & Astrophysics package for Matlab ( Ofek 2014 , see also

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Only a million miles to Pluto & Charon
True color image of Charon (left) and Plut (right), taken July 09 2015. Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute In just over 21 hours, at 11:49:57 UTC on Tuesday 14th of July 2015, New Horizons will at i...

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Blobs in Space!
Interesting times, but not much time to comment on them. The Sun is doing it's thing as always. Not much too special to talk about today.
For more data go to  AIA 211 Angstrom band is red, AIA 193 Angstrom band is green, and A...

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Exciting times in NGC 4666
I missed this when it happened in December, but a new Type Ia supernova was discovered in the "nearby" starburst galaxy NGC 4666 by the  Automated Sky Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN) project on December 9th. Bob King at Universe Today has a nice short artic...

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High Energy Astronomy News
Two items of note: Scientific American has a nice article on why the threat to life on Earth from Gamma Ray Bursts, in particular from the dying start Eta Carinae, is not something you need to worry about. (I've discussed putative GRB-caused events here and...

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Hooray, Octave supports numpy-style boolean array indexing operations
I've only just discovered that Gnu Octave (the Gnu version of Matlab) supports numpy-style boolean array indexing operations , in particular logical operations on vectors to return boolean true/false vectors array indexing using vectors on vectors An exampl...

Hi there. Anyone know of any BattleScribe files for 4th or 5th edition 40K?
I've tried googling but it only gives me links that end up with the 6th and 7th edition files.
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