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Developers get ready for Android 5.0 Lollipop!

Check back on October 17 for the Android 5.0 SDK and updated Nexus preview images. Stay tuned here for details:


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Robin van Persie scores the goal of the 2014 FIFA World Cup thus far

#RVP   #Soccer   #NED   #Netherlands   #WorldCup   #Oranje   #Golazo  
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+Ingress +NIA Ops
The most decorated player in the whole of our tiny country Maldives,@psyph(Level 12) +Saif Latheef was banned on 14 May 2014. The only reference was the ubiquitous "Section 2" of the Ingress TOS.

Speculating the cause to be a possible report is not healthy and has led to unwarranted and unnecessary suspicion of team members and the opposing faction; The Enlightened.

In true valiant spirit of gameplay @psyph has accepted his fate,  submitted his appeal and moved on to playing the game afresh. Limited as a leader within the game by his new stats, but remains driven and a strategic mentor to #resistancemaldives .

I just cannot leave it at that. +Ingress +NIA Ops , you have gotta help, give us a reason and let us #appeal   to #unban  @psyph.

The first time I met @psyph was as a new agent leveling up in August 2013. He generously gave me firepower and although I had just met him, a ride to office as I had walked to meet up with him. I don't think there is any newcomer to Resistance or even to the Enlightened for that matter whom @psyph has not helped in one way or another.@psyph has coached players, given inventory items and helped out in the field. Mostly @psyph gave his time to the game, with no wish for popularity or the limelight on a global stage. Balancing his time between work, being a husband and father of two and ingress.

Within our small ingress community, no other player is respected as much as @psyph. This ban is the harshest blow that #Resistance    Maldives has received. Our commander general has fallen. Please help our fallen commander rise.

#appeal #unban #notguilty #unbanpsyph  

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Maldives enlightened base resistance L8.... what a joke. 

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Go Resistance Go.... 
The archipelago of Maldives comprises of 1190 tiny low-lying islands that are grouped into 26 natural atolls. The islands are flung over 820 kilometers in length over an area of more than 90,000 square kilometers (35,000 sq mi) from latitude 7° 6.3' across the equator to latitude 0° 42.1'' in the Indian Ocean making the country one of the world’s most dispersed. Travel across islands is needless to say difficult and costly. Maldives has an estimated 350,000 population of which over a third reside in the capital Male’ island and the rest are dispersed across 193 inhabited islands.

Codename: über blue
Date: 31 January 2014 0005hrs

The key objectives of the operation
1. Cover the whole of the capital Male' and most of the country in 8 layers of control fields
2. Share MU count among agents
3. Annoy the heck outta the enlightened by taking control of their stronghold islands, Hulhumale' and Villingili

Linking near full length of the archipelago of Maldives
7 layer control field created covering the capital island Male’
1 control field created between Maldives and Sri Lanka
Total - 396,302 MU
Fields held until checkpoint

Parameters for success/failure
>> timing of agent availability traveling to the north
>> coordination of agents, speed at which fields are created
>> ENL attacks while the operation is underway
>> keeping enlightened busy on the capital island
>> taking control of Villigili island to prevent blocking links

Field report
Information flow on the OPS was strictly controlled among the agents, due to unpredictable movements of ENL agents.

In advance of the OP @MekjkrhG traveled to the Island of Villigili to capture all ENL portals and avoid any cross links that maybe created during the OP.

The key portals were based on the ENL stronghold island of Hulhumale’. OPS had to be carried out when ENL presence on the island would be the least. The OP took almost an hour for the 8 links to be created from the north by @estrul1an and control fields to completed due to distances to be travelled between portals in Hulhumale’, communication to avoid errors and buggy internet connections.  

Despite the best planning a showdown took place between ENL agents @V14HAM357 +Ahmed Visham and @SkynetVirus resulting in the loss of one field. Total MU for the 7 layer field covering Maldives stood at approximately 160 kMU.

Having lost a field to the ENL, a spontaneous decision was made in the field by the Hulhumale’ unit to create an 8th field by linking to Sri Lanka. The link was made from the eastern most portal Plug-In to Guardian of the Sea, in Sri Lanka. The Hanimaadhoo portal in the north had reached maximum outgoing links to Hulhumale’. One link was destroyed using an alignment virus. By then @estrul1an was already traveling to the remote Hanimaadhoo Climate Observatory supersite in the north of the island, it took an additional 3 hours for the final field of 235 kMU to be completed. This was done within minutes before the end of the cycle checkpoint.

Field Agents
@psyph +Saif Latheef  - control capital island Male’ and keep ENL busy
@MekjkrhG +Ali Shabin  - lead Hulhumale’ island unit, linking, comms and control of Villigili island
@Optimus +Mohamed Siraj  - lead on Southern portal and Hulhumale’ island unit patrol at Azeeza Mosque portal
@Phenol33 +Phenol Adhly - Hulhumale’ island unit
@Gravebone +Ahmed Nazim  - Male’ island, on call and intel
@HEX4IRE +Abdhulla Shaheed  - phone dead, promoted to moral support and special thanks for sitrep artwork
@Viet- +Viet Kong  spiritual support
@estrul1an- planning, and agent up North, Hanimaadhoo Island
@daadi +Ahmed Riyazi Mohamed  - moral support
@Joebillie +Joe Billie  - moral support
@wisam +Wisam Mohamed  - for dark presence and support
@hayaaiykuda +Inad Hussein - anchor portal capture

plus the active resistance agents
@DEPART +Departed Joseph,@banesoul +Srijith Nair ,@draconiams  +Ahmed Fazeel ,@shubbaa +Shuaib Azeez Mohamed ,@lost0ne +Ibrahim Naeem ,@CODEBLACK +Raidh Wasif ,@whos +Alex Mercer Inthi ,@jammin +Mohamed Jamin ,@tenUNTIT, @Shadowy +Baas il ,@ibilease +Zulaal Zaeem ,@Shifah +shifah ahmed 

Sri Lanka keys
@thinir +Thilanka Niroshana , @yajith +Yajith Ajantha Dayarathna, @vishalk +Vidula Hasaranga and SRI LANKA RESISTANCE thank you.

+Niantic Project , +Ingress , +NIA Ops , +Brandon Badger , +Anne Beuttenmüller , +Joe Philley 
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+najfa razee can make this for me?
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake

3 (8-ounce) packages cream cheese, softened
3 eggs
6 ounce of sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 (16.5-ounce) rolls refrigerator chocolate chip cookie dough (keep refrigerated until needed)


1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C.
2. In a large bowl, beat together cream cheese, eggs, sugar, and vanilla extract until well mixed; set aside.
3. Slice cookie dough rolls into 1/4-inch slices. Arrange slices from one roll on bottom of a greased 9- x 13-inch glass baking dish; press together so there are no holes in dough. Spoon cream cheese mixture evenly over dough; top with remaining slices of cookie dough.
4. Bake 45 to 50 minutes, or until golden and centre is slightly firm.
5. Remove from oven, let cool, then refrigerate. Cut into slices when well chilled.
If desired top with ice cream or whipped cream.

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Long long overdue but nevertheless a global effort that resulted in a timeless op that must be relived…

#unight8   - the Maldives story

Leading upto Unight8
The months leading upto #unight8 was fraught with political upheaval as the #Maldives geared up for a democratically elected President. Elections had been held, were annulled, were cancelled, were rescheduled….. Political uncertainty and discourse on the final round of elections captured the attention of everyone. There was even ambiguity on the date of the final round of presidential elections.

Something was very wrong! Were we seeing the effects of mind hacking?.... What would the fate of our country be? What would the fate of over one third of population who lived in the portal dense city of Male’ be? We knew that we had to defend our fellow humans. Our freedom was at stake! Our future was at stake!
Suspicion and mistrust grew amongst our people and even amongst agents… there were whispers of faction change… was this the result of ingression of shaper influence? And what are these Jarvis shards? These questions kept agents awake at night chattering away on different channels.

Amidst this backdrop of apprehensiveness the #resistance    agents in Maldives made a pact to control the city. Every single portal at all times would be controlled by humanists. The fate of humans in #Male city depended on this.
Resistance agents met often at night and under the pretext of a social gathering whispering of a worldwide campaign for all humans. We had to succeed at all costs! We had to maintain full control of our cities! We would join #unight8  

+Ahmed Nazim  coordinated with global counterparts and instructed agents to organize key transfers nationally and internationally.

Key transfer operations in Maldives are compounded by the unique geographical setting, where portals are scattered as far apart 856 km and are only accessible by several days journey by sea or the more expensive combination of air and sea travel. #Resistance Maldives had to rely on agents traveling for other purposes and coordinate spontaneous meetups. While not fully aware of the scale of the operation all agents helped in any way they could.  

Maldives agents traveling to Colombo, Sri Lanka transferred keys to portals for use by Resistance #Srilanka and also for onward transfer to Resistance agents in #India .

On the ground armed with the latest in scanner technology we prepared by creating l8 portals and farming. Preparing for whatever might come next!

The clearing of a path for linking to Mumbai, India and Colombo, Sri Lanka was carefully calculated to ensure portal control remained with the Resistance at all times… all 103 portals in the city… that is. This was crucial, it happened, certainly by no coincidence, that the date of polling for presidential elections was set for the same day as #unight8 , 16 November 2013. Reaffirming that something or someone was indeed watching our every move! We had to avoid ingression of shaper and XM influence on the future of our country!

On the day...
We juggled our right to elect a President with our determination to protect all humans. Agents travelled to two islands nearby to clear cross linking paths. A particularly notable incident on the day… agent and leader @Gravebone went to destroy a difficult to reach portal, he says he had turned off all mobile data communications in order to conserve battery usage. He reached it, photographed the portal, opened his scanner… and then he found that his peers had already carried out his orders! To avoid detection of our plans we had been communicating on a number of platforms… and all of them had failed him!… luckily for us the only consequence was an extra-long sun beaten and sweat drenched walk!

The end result for #unight8 was that all 103 portals in the island city of Male’ remained under resistance control with 57 standing l8 portals in addition to cross country linking and subcontinental fields.
Close coordination of #Maldives and #Srilanka resistance agents extended the subcontinental coverage by +403,090 MUs.

Shout out to Agents across the world.
Global Coordinators - without whom this may not have come to light
+Jens Spaniel
+Tzafrir Rehan 
+caroline Bora-Choain 

Subcontinent - you guys are the best!
+Snehal Ghone
+Riddhi Dhannawat 

Sri Lanka - immeasurable amount of gratitude for key transfers, planning, execution, friendship and famous Srilankan hospitality
@thinir +Thilanka Niroshana 
Deenster +Shahidheen Hamzy 
@Yajith +Yajith Ajantha Dayarathna
@hansakinkini +Janani Hansakinkini Thilakarathne 
@hogsmate +Rusiru Boteju 
@arshadsl +arshad anver 

@Gravebone +Ahmed Nazim 
@Joebillie +Joe Billie 
@daadi +Ahmed Riyazi Mohamed 
@wisam +Wisam Mohamed 
@psyph +Saif Latheef 
@Phenol33 +Phenol Adhly 
@banesoul +Srijith Nair 
@draconiams +Ahmed Fazeel 
@shubbaa +Shuaib Azeez Mohamed 
@lost0ne +Ibrahim Naeem 
@CODEBLACK +Raidh Wasif 
@Viet +Viet Kong 
@HEX4IRE +Abdhulla Shaheed 
@sykez +Sykez Tommy 
@fukkiba +Ahmed Moonis 
@OPTIMUS +Mohamed Siraj 
@whos +Alex Mercer Inthi 
@jammin +Mohamed Jamin 
@tenUNTIT +Hussain Nashid 
@DEPART +Departed Joseph 
@Shifah +shifah ahmed 

#unight8   #unight8completed +Niantic Project +NIA Ops +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley 

agent @estrul1an, Maldives
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Joy, joy, joy!
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