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Walt Barrett
Works at Interim Pastor Ministries
Attended Westminster Theological Seminary
Lived in Westfield IN
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Walt Barrett

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Hi Kathie - so how/where did you find that video?  I'm good with it, I just didn't know it was that easy to locate.  Did you watch Part 2 - that is the one that was really a riot!

We arrived here in "Deep South Texas" two weeks ago and are almost ready to find some air above the surface of the sea of boxes...  How many times have we moved?  So why do we still underestimate the length of time it takes??
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Walt Barrett

Open Discussion  - 
Gene, still considering starting a community focused on spiritual life and missions (SLAM!) and debating the private vs. public thing.  I don't suppose it is possible to have a private discussion thread or topic (i.e. along the left column)?  Another thought I have is to have two parallel communities, one public and one private.  What I'd like to be able to do is to discuss/explore the topic publicly but then have a targeted personal/mentoring set of discussions with smaller, closed groups within that.  Any thoughts?
Best wishes for CHRISTmas for you and yours!
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Right, posting in any topic is accessible to everyone in the community, and in the case of a public group available to the public. One of the most frequent comments by moderators I see in moderator communities is the inability to move posts to the appropriate category. Not a big deal to me at this point, but they will probably fix that.
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Walt Barrett

Open Discussion  - 
+Gene Whitehead - my primary interest is to find people in ministry who are interested in interacting with one another about the intersection of missions (or pastoral ministry) and biblical spirituality.  Peer-to-peer mentoring.  Listening to and interacting with the experiences an insights of others.  Knowing that together we are wiser and more spiritual than any of us alone.

I wonder if there is a need for a G+ community focused on that specifically?.  It is of course a bit different than the objective here (which, by the way, is great).  It might be possible to do that strictly within the context of our new mission group, To Every Tribe.  This is within the purview of my role  Or perhaps it would be better to do it broader and get cross-pollination.  Or perhaps it is not an idea that should be pursued.  I'd be interest in your thoughts and those of others here.  

Also, is this something that Google+ Communities is well suited for?
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It can, I've adjusted the name on this community a number of times :)
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Walt Barrett

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How & where to recycle old electronics (US only)
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Walt Barrett

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Does anyone besides me find the integration of Picasa web albums with Google+ an unsatisfying experience? To me it seems a step backwards. The G+ implementation doesn't seem to have as many features as Picasa web albums (I want to do more than just view the albums), for me it freezes up, etc.
Note: it seems that (perhaps only if you're logged out of G+?) you canenter the URL: in your browser you can get the old interface.
Jeremy Seifert's profile photo
yeah, I'm not sure what they were thinking. why hide the interface but leave all the functionality? I have a gripe with that too.
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Walt Barrett

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Install problem with Google Drive on my PC (works great on my android tablet). No "My Drive" just the old "Home" from Google Docs. No solutions from help forums so far. Anyone have any ideas?
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Solution found! Here is the response from Google support:
"You guys are experiencing this because you are viewing the classic look. To change that, go to the Settings menu (the gear icon above your Documents List and to the right) and select 'Return to Drive.' Then you'll get back to loving Google Drive."
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OK, dumb question but please bear with me.  I want to add a feed to the podcast of "All about Android" on my Galaxy S-III using 'BeyondPod' and don't want to have to deal with iTunes at all.  On the All About Android site I don't see what the feed URL is.  Any help here?  Or where should I go.
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BeyondPod may be vague in its search box language. So when you click 'Add Feed', you'll get a list of ways to find podcasts and then an option to input the URL (if known). If you simply type some keywords in the URL box (I typed All About Android), it will present you with Popular Feeds, Audio Feeds and Video Feeds, all of which you can then hit Subscribe. 

I love podcasts and the many apps that allow you to listen/find them on Android, but I wish discover-ability was better across the board.
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Walt Barrett

Books & Study Materials  - 
Here are my three top reads in 2013.  What are yours?
This past year has been extraordinarily busy and I've been focused on things like a new ministry, health issues, etc. So my reading has suffered significantly compared to other years. But here are my top 3 reads for this 2012:
~  "A Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry" by Paul David Tripp.
~  "Humility: True Greatness" by C.J. Mahaney 
~  "How We Die: Reflections on Life’s Final Chapter" by Sherwin B. Nuland 
For my personal evaluation of these and 10-12 other books I read in 2012 this year just follow the link below. 
So what have YOU enjoyed reading this year?
Gene Whitehead's profile photo
Wow, some really interesting titles. I'm particularly interested in the Puritan titles because I have become interested over the last year or so in Richard Baxter's work from the 1600's.

The top 3 I read in 2012 would be:
1. The Apostle - The Life of Paul by John Pollock. In this book I am reminded just how human Paul really was.

2. Every Bush Is Burning by Brandon Clements. This one is raw and very real. As one reviewer said, "If you're used to Amish love stories this book isn't for you." This one reminds me just how real we need to be to reach the broken.

3. The Master's Indwelling by Andrew Murray. This is a book I will read once a year at least. Andrew Murray reaches deeply in everything he writes. I love everything I read by Murray. Many of his books are public domain now and can be found in digital form for free or are very inexpensive.

The first books I'll be reading in 2013?
1. Simple Church, Thom Rainer & Eric Geiger

2. Godspeed - Making Christ's Mission Your Own, Britt Merrick with Allison Trowbridge

3. True Community - The Biblical Practice of Koinonia, Jerry Bridges

4. The Eyes Wide Open series by Ted Dekkar.
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Walt Barrett

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I know that some get weary of the mall flash mob thing - but honestly, this is one of the things that gets me in the Christmas spirit.  Sure beats Rudolf and the Chipmunks.  Enjoy.  Smile.  Rejoice.  Sing along.  'Tis the season...
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Walt Barrett

Introductions  - 
Hey Gene - let me try this again and see if it gets through this time.

I gather Communities on G+ are new?  I joined this one in part because I'm very interested to see how they work.  As you may have noticed, I'm quite inactive on G+ these days.  Not because I don't like it, but because I got discouraged with insufficient connections and and the right kind of interactions with people of mutual interests.  Instead of just broadcasting my wise or clever or inane nuggets (e.g. Twitter) or telling the world of pseudo-friends indiscriminately what I had for lunch (e.g. Facebook) I was looking for meaningful conversations on topics of mutual interest and when I tried that with circles it didn't really work. That was a year or more ago - but hat I was looking for was, I believe, what G+ communities now appear to be.  Is that your sense and experience?
When did Communities appear?  When did you begin this?

My primary interest is spiritual formation of people in ministry - especially pastoral and/or missionary ministry.  Does that fit somewhere here?

Thanks for taking this initiative, Gene.
Grace and peace!

p.s. It appears that the Android app for G+ does not support communities.  
:-{    Maybe they are too new?
Gene Whitehead's profile photoWalt Barrett's profile photo
Thanks - I appreciate you being a few steps farther down the road and willing to answer my very basic questions.
Yes - I found the notification toggle.  
Thanks.  In all of this I realize how rusty I am in the G+ world - it was a year ago that I tried to switch my social media activities to it but for various reasons abandoned that effort...
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Walt Barrett

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Great idea - cross between elliptical trainer and bicycle!
Anybody want to donate one of these to a good cause (me!)?
Check out this brief clip...
Watch as a 71-year-old former Marine attempts to cross the country riding a hybrid elliptical trainer-bicycle. Off Duty catches up with him midway through the 3,000-mile ride -- and demos how the Elli...
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Walt Barrett

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I can read it! can you???
Jan Weaver's profile photo
I can do  it!
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Pastor/shepherd/teacher, husband/father/grandfather, temporary resident of 'Planet Dirt'
  • Christ-follower, husband, father, grandfather.
  • Pastor/shepherd/teacher/mentor.
  • Ik spreek ook Nederlands.
  • Sola gratia, Soli Deo gloria 
  • Ministry Website
  • I enjoy thinking and talking about theology, the bible, pastoral ministry and spiritual growth
Bragging rights
I've survived (and thrived!) for 40 years of vocational ministry!
  • Westminster Theological Seminary
    D.Min. Pastoral Counseling, 1982 - 1988
  • Dallas Theological Seminary
    M.Th. NT Literature and Language, 1969 - 1973
  • Illinois Wesleyan University
    B.A. Pre-med, 1965 - 1969
  • Glenbard West High School
Interim Pastor
Expository preaching/teaching, Spiritual Mentoring, Counseling, Church and Ministry Consultancy
  • Interim Pastor Ministries
    Intentional Interim Pastor, 2014 - present
    Serve churches and individuals in senior pastoral transition
  • To Every Tribe Ministries
    Director of the Missionary Sending Agency, 2012 - 2014
  • Riverside Community Church
    Sr. Pastor, 2004 - 2012
  • Greater Europe Mission
    Missionary, Field Leader, Pastor/Shepherd, 1975 - 2004
    Cross-cultural teacher, trainer, ministry/field/regional leader, staff development, spiritual formation, pastor, etc.
  • McCoy Memorial Baptist Church
    Associate Pastor, 1973 - 1976
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