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McSorley's Old Ale House
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15 E 7th St New York, NY 10003
15 East 7th StreetUSNew YorkNew York10003
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Old-time bar with Irish bartenders, 2 kinds of ale (light or dark) & sawdust on the floor.- Google
"Two choices to drink here light or dark, I prefer the dark ale."
"Words can't describe the atmosphere in McSorley's."
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pen's profile photo
a week ago
It's hard for me to begin to describe how much I love this place. There's so much history here, and I find something that I haven't seen before on the walls every time I come. I can't help but feel like I'm connecting with the past and stepping back in time whenever I'm here. The bar tenders are happy to tell you stories about the place, and I'm not sure why you would want to order anything other than "dark" here! ps: there's a bank around the corner if you're too drunk to remember this is cash only
• • •
Tony Montana's profile photo
Tony Montana
a month ago
This is the second place I came to back in February 2015, during the last minutes of the Super Bowl... Probably not the best time to come here... Everyone that was still there seemed depressed. Well at least that gave us plenty of space for us to sit in and admire the decor. It's like we entered a time warp and landed back in the early 1900's! What a beautiful, dark and gloomy place, on the verge of creepy...the men's washroom definitely is! They have century old urinals! They have the greatest choice of beer in the city! Either pale or dark. Very cheap beer in a century old setting, what more do you need?
• • •
Joel White's profile photo
Joel White
a month ago
** Antisocial, rude, flavorless, couldn't-wait-for-it-to-be-over waste of time, space and money ** Recommended by local friends as an exciting, sociable landmark with great beer and good conversation , it was actually a rude, flavorless train-wreck. The beer comes in two flavors. The "light" made Miller Light taste like an artisanal craft ale brewed by Michelin-starred Trappist monks. It had all the flavor and body of yesterday's tap water. Maybe the "dark" tastes better, but the psychopathic staff were so unwelcoming I couldn't face finding out. Although the place was packed all the tables were reserved for parties, so there was no way to be sociable without intruding on someone's night out. "How is that their fault", you ask? Maybe it wasn't, but the wait staff were so brusque, self-important and repeatedly WAY out of line that I'm happy to blame them for the social foibles of everyone else there. Sure, be a douche if a customer is acting up. But some things not to say to innocent, sober paying guests include: "you can't stand here, tell people not to stand here." (it's completely full, everyone is standing everywhere, there is nothing to indicate that standing in this same-as-everywhere-else bit of bar is verboten other than the brayed instructions of this lordly misanthrope) and "I'm going to move your beer along the bar here" (making me stand in the literally no space just to my right, somewhere between my neighbor's clothes and vital organs, making room for his 4 thousand tiny, pointless half-pint beer glasses. You get served your pint in two glasses. All so Sir Waitsalot can shove the serfs aside returning 7 thousand empties to the bar). In summary, unless you are a masochist there are 2,657 better ways to buy a drink in New York City.
• • •
Ómar Ingimarsson
4 weeks ago
Words can't describe the atmosphere in McSorley's. Went there on a Saturday afternoon and had to stand in line to get in :) This place is so genuine and offers only two beers, light and dark and gets away with it because it's over 160 years old. Sitting at a table with regular customers for thirty years was a jackpot and this was the best day of our visit to NYC from Iceland. Live the WATERFALL.
The Watcher's profile photo
The Watcher
in the last week
I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND THIS "FAKE" "IRISH" "BAR" TO ANYONE - EVER!!! FIRST OFF!!! IT'S A NEW YORK LANDMARK AND "NOT A REAL BAR"...or NOT "IRISH"at all... ALL THE "IRISH PUBS" iin NYC are "FAKE" - SINCE THERE ARE "NO IRISH PEOPLE" in the NYC Area since the 1970s or earlier and especially mid-town manhattan where they are "all owned" by "italians" and the "italian" mafia revealed by Eyewitness News during the Broadway Musicians Strike... All the "Irish Pubs" in Mid-Town Manhattan ARE OWNED BY ITALIANS and "not irish" PEOPLE The "word" "Pub" is english in the first place... And Irish People are Cops, Firemen, Feds and U.S.Military - THEY DON'T OWN "BARS" IRISH PEOPLE "OWNING BARS" IS "NONSENSE" PROMOTED ON TV BY "GERMAN JEWS" AND "JEWISH" PEOPLE OF HOLLYWOOD AND WALL STREET McSorleys TRUE - It only serves "light" and '"dark" ale... but it's overated and was a "fun place" in the 1980s but "now" "rumors" say "evil spies" from Europe "control it" now to "attack" "americans" SECOND - RUMORS THAT IS BEING "USED" BY "EVIL SPIES" TO "ASSASSINATE" AMERICANS !!! STRANGELY, IF YOU PASS AT NITE OR DURING THE DAY WITH "BUSY TIMES" WITH "AMERICAN" "COLLEGE" "KIDS" - YOU WILL FIND THE "DOOR" AND "WINDOWS" BLOCKED WITH PEOPLE THAT IS A FIRE HAZARD IF NOT "VERY VERY SUSPICIOUS" IT BELIEVED AND "RUMORED" THAT "EVIL SPIES" ARE "CHOKING OUT" PEOPLE WHO PASS THRU THE DOORWAY AND INTO THE BAR PAST THE PEOPLE IN THE FRONT AND THERE IS "STRANGE" "CONSTRUCTION" GOING THAT "DOESN'T SEEM" TO END.... THIS "CONSTRUCTION" WITH "MATERIALS" ON THE STREET "BLOCKS" THE VIEW OF CARS PASSING ON 2nd AVE AND THERE IS A "WEIRDO" "SPY ADMIN" "BUILDINGS" NOW ON 2nd Ave - Between 6th and 7th Street - Metal Masonic Buildings from Australia? or Something - Very Very Strange Buildings no one knows anything about NYC "EVIL SPY" BASES - "RUMORS" ON THE INTERNET There are many "rumors" now that these places are "spy bases" for the Russian Mafai,KGB, Mi5 SIS or NAZI ODESSA and in the 1980s and 1980s they 'operated" "killer" "sex clubs" in the Meat Packing District known as Hellfire I (11th Ave & 14th Street Triangle Building) + II (375 Triangle Building District on 10th Ave and 14th St and The Vault across from Hellfire I) But now they have "expanded" and are located in the following places ("allegedly") - Wall Street - Triangle Base - Lower Manhattan - Wall to Battery Park - East of Broadway - Meat Packing District - West Village - 9th to 14th Street & 10th Ave to 11th Ave - East Village - Astor Place - Cooper Union - St. Marks - Operation Kill Zones - Rays' Pizza & St. Marks - Bond Street - Entire Street - Soho - Beware of Apple Store - Upper Deck - Tribeca - Beware of 375 Tribeca - 361 Tribeca (American Cut - Cinque - Devon) and other "cafes" - NYU MacDougal Street Bar - Street Sweeper Operation - Hundreds will be on street to "push" you into bar... - One Block - Above 57th Street between Madison and Lexington Ave - Hundreds will be on street to "push" you into bar... - 42nd Street - Beware of "below grade" "no line of sight" B.B.Kings & Madam Taussads' or Ripleys - And movie theaters... - NYSE - rumors that the "NYSE Tourist line" was a "disguised" "extermination" "operation" with many 'eyewitness" testimony that "americans" NEVER NEVER CAME OUT OF THE NYSE... - ALSO: NO CNBC-NYSE "Celebrities" HAVE EVER BEEN "SEEN" IN THE WALL STREET AREA - EVER - NO BARS - NO COFFEE HOUSES - NOT COMING AND GOING FROM NYSE - NO CNBC OR NBC TV TRUCKS - Except for MARIA BARTOROMO - FEDERAL HALL "remotes" on FRIDAYS during the "good weather" - "Rumors" that the "real studio" is in "hidden" in the Bronx or Fort Lee or Secaucus - People have "reported" "seeing" = LIIGHTS OUT DARK - NYSE trading floor with "traders" sleeping on podiums during CABLEVISION BROADCASTS in "alleged" "spy towns" in the NYC Area...
• • •
Arry Areizaga's profile photo
Arry Areizaga
in the last week
I felt like I was transformed to another time, I felt like I just came from working at the docks and there was my choices of rewards waiting for me, "light or dark" the bartender asked, I said "dark sir" then they came out. Amazing atmosphere, musky smell and sawdust on the floor (to absorb blood and booze spillage) makes this a history lesson and a good time.
Scott Buccine, Sr.'s profile photo
Scott Buccine, Sr.
3 weeks ago
I've been coming here since my older brother brought me when I was 21. This place is loaded with history and it's been there "before you were born." For 23 years now I've been coming back and I always bring new and familiar patrons with me. Everything about this place is great! The beer, the service, the atmosphere, the food, etc... I could give it 10 stars. It's cash only and there's no hard liquor. MUST try the mustard!!! Tell my friend Richard I said hello and that Big Scott (from the NJDOC) sent you!
• • •
Anthony Titus's profile photo
Anthony Titus
a week ago
Extremely friendly bar guys. Prompt service. An old world atmosphere.