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What's up Google+! I didn't realize so many people were active on this network.... Welcome to my circle and thanks for the add :)
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Love your work, Micael. If you spend a little bit of time posting photos and promote your blog, you'll get many new fans on G+.
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Michael Grecco

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What the fu-k??
Are in Cirque du Soleil?
Andrew Wander
Happy Holidays!!
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After a defining stint in photojournalism at the Boston Herald, Michael realized that, while he loved documenting his real-life, and 80′s music subjects on the fly, he wanted to explore his interest in directing people in a more controlled environment. Of course, the prospect of warmer climes and, a proximity to an industry that had a lot of interesting subjects, proved to be a more than attractive impetus for moving West.

Michael has spent years perfecting his signature lighting technique, and in addition to his work for clients, and as an authority on studio and location lighting, he began teaching his process to photographers all over the world, as well as publishing a book on the subject. He has won awards for his advertising and editorial portraiture for a large and impressive diverse group of clients. Recently, Michael has moved into publishing books and creating films around his photography projects, beginning with his recent publication of “Naked Ambition”, his coffee-table book on the porn industry, and “Naked Ambition: An R-Rated Look at an X-Rated Industry, the movie."

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