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Cloudbleed. The scale of this vulnerability is absolutely immense. Everything is potentially compromised, for thousands of sites, including your password managers.

Potentially compromised sites are here: I see AP on the list, but not for some reason, though I don't see what that reason could be.

We don't really have user accounts outside of staff, and we use our own SSL cert for all auth (full SSL, not flexible SSL), but since Cloudflare is basically MitM even for SSL requests, I think even HTTPS responses could have been leaked in plaintext. And now cached by numerous search engines and caches across the web.

Cloudflare's response is here It's very long.

The fallout from this vulnerability will potentially be worse than Heartbleed. What a clusterfuck.

Definitely puts the whole Cloudflare is breaking security for the web notion in perspective. 

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#SHA1 is now completely broken. Not a surprise, but important to know.

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It's really nice to be able to share good news for once. A new study in JAMA Pediatrics studied the effect of same-sex marriage laws on teen suicide rates. They looked at 32 different US states which changed their laws at different times, as a way of disentangling this effect from other effects.

The net result? Legalizing same-sex marriage leads to a 7% overall drop in teen suicide attempts, and a 14% drop among LGBT teens.

It turns out that being publicly told that you're an accepted member of society and not a pariah does make a difference in people's lives, especially teenagers. Who woulda thunk?

But the upshot of this is: All of you who worked on this, in one way or another? You just saved some lives. Well done.

The article itself is available online:

(NB: For clarity, that's a 7% drop in the rate, not a seven percentage point drop drop. We should be so lucky as to have any one thing eliminate seven percentage points. As a baseline, a weighted 8.6% of all high school students, and 28.5% of LGBT high school students, attempted suicide in the year before same-sex marriage legalization. Suicide is the second most common cause of death among people aged 15-24 in the US.

For those who want technical notes: The paper seems to have done a very careful job on statistics, testing a wide variety of alternate hypotheses and ruling them out from the data. One test worth calling out: the two-year leading indicator (suicide rates two years prior to law changes) was not correlated to suicide rates, indicating that this was not triggered by general changes in the state which were also leading to this; the two-year trailing indicator (two years after), however, was correlated, with the same correlation as the immediate future, indicating a lasting effect rather than a one-off.)

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I remember the sun...

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Wonder why we don't have a woman president? 
Reading this fascinating report, I can't say I'm surprised at the toxicity of Uber. They've always been aggressive... but this is too much.

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New book by Anthony Martin (his previous book was on dinosaur traces). Not strictly about paleontology but includes interesting material about prehistoric burrowing creatures. "It seemed all too fitting that author copies of my new book, The Evolution Underground: Burrows, Bunkers, and the Marvelous Subterranean World Beneath Our Feet (Pegasus Books, 2017) arrived on February 2. In the U.S., this is Groundhog Day, which is named after a burrowing animal and one in which its burrow plays a key role in its mythology. Did it cast a shadow or otherwise predict the weather for the next six weeks? No, but it may enlighten as you travel through geologic time, learning all about how animals and their burrows altered the world, and how animals used burrows to survive the worst the earth (or solar system) could toss at them.
For fans of Dinosaurs Without Bones, I’m happy to report my new book – which is officially published today, February 7, 2017 – includes dinosaurs and it’s about ichnology. But it also includes plenty of paleontology, geology, ecology, and good, old-fashioned natural history throughout. Moreover, this book gave me a chance to introduce readers to a panoply of animals representing the past 550 million years of earth history, while also exploring the big idea that burrowing impacted the evolution of many animals and their ecosystems."

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There's a grimm voodoo asher in this 45!
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