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Mike Ellison
Family, cars, tech stuff and sports that me in my fast pace world.
Family, cars, tech stuff and sports that me in my fast pace world.

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Thinking about buy a used 2011 A5 with only 28,000 miles on it. I am wondering if there are any issues I should look for. Also is this a reliable model year?

I am looking to buy a 2011 Audi A5, so I am looking for owners input and reviews for this model year. Things to look out for overall repair cost etc.


After test driving a 2013 Buick Regal GS. It change my view of Buick. I end up like it, more then I figure I would.

I want to try something different jerk chicken with a Korean twist to it. # Jerk #Korean  BBQ

If you have one of the following phones I like some input. The two phones I am looking at is the Lumia 650 and the BlackBerry Z10.

I wonder if the pictures caught at GM testing grounds is really a rear mid engine Corvette,or a Cadillac? #C8

Should I stay with Windows phone,or should I switch. I know it's up to me but a little input never hurts.# Make the switch

Should I switch from Windows phone to Android since Microsoft is killing the Windows phone,or wait to see if there will be a Surface phone.

What I like about Google + is that you never run into those post were someone post if you repost this 5x you will be rich by tomorrow.

Test drove a 2011 Infiniti G37 coupe with AWD. Here is some things I like and some things I didn't.

Beautiful style
Nicely appointed interior
Nice exhaust sound.

Trunk space
Somewhat of a rough ride
The center stack area.
If you are looking for a nice sporty coupe and don't what to spend a lot of money checkout the G37 coupe. It makes a nice pre owned car to own.
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