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Technological homogeneity and the impending zombie apocalypse
Recently, there was a post[1] about how there's special hardware components on all x86 platforms that require special binary blobs to function and cannot be open sourced, require a third party to sign the code that runs on your computer in many cases, have ...

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Lucky bastard!
So after I bought a Moto X, hands down my favorite new mobile, Google offered me a Glass. I took the plunge! Now just to check on that Myo order from Thalmic Labs. Say hello Trevor Mnemonic :)

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This explains way more about me than I would like to admit.

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I find this incredibly distressing, and not for the reason most the posters do.

All of a sudden, Justin Bieber is showing up in "What's Hot and Recommended" stuff for me.  Just realized I left my daughter's computer logged into my Google account when I used Drive to upload some files from that computer...  crap.
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