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DIY Office Desk Stand
  It is such an easy job
to make an office-desk stand on your own. You just need a few rolls of toilet
paper and then you should make some sections. After that you may decorate the
rolls and what you get is an interesting stand for your pens, pencils,

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DIY Glass Jar Candlestick
Use your imagination and
create such an interesting candlestick. What you need is a jar, spray to paint
the glass, and some scotch tape to make different shapes over it. You can use
different colours and shapes and finally you’ll have such an attractive

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DIY Plate Rack
If you have exuberant
imagination you may try to create such a plate rack. You need a wooden board,
drilling machine and many pencils or other sticks. Pierce the board and put a
pencil in each hole. Then you get a perfect and unique plate rack.

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How To Make Summer Bracelet
bracelets like these look very nice and fresh. Their make is such an easy job,
as well. Just pick decoration elements, plastic or cardboard rings and stick
thread over these rings. Then you can string up the ornaments and you’ll get
such interesting ...

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DIY Newspaper Decor Flower Pot
Looking at that flower pot
we may not guess how simple it is made. You can just use a part of a page from
a newspaper and wind it round an ordinary pot or a box. You’ll be surprised how
stylish and attractive the handmade flower-pot may look.

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DIY Recycling Old Jeans to Skirt
Using your old jeans you
can make a new elegant skirt on your own. Just cut off the trouser legs, fold
and then sew the jeans up as it’s shown. Finally you’ll have such a stylish and
fashionable skirt suitable for any lady.

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DIY PVC Festive Holiday Wreath
That wreath
is really impressive and attractive. You should be skillful in order to create
such one. You need PVC pipes with various diameters which you should cut off
and attach one to another. You’ll need a drilling machine and something to hand
the wreat...

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Paint Glass Candle Nightlight
That candle
nightlight is really beautiful but can also be easily made by hand. What you
need is a small glass jar, ribbons, scissors and something to paint over the
glass. Use your imagination and make something interesting and impressive.

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Make a Simple Beautiful Envelope
Such an
envelope might impress every recipient. You cane make it by hand at home using
round pieces of paper and folding them in the right way. Just choose a colour
that you like. You will also need glue to stick the sheets on. Close the envelope
with a rib...

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DIY Decorative Jar Light
Such a decoration is
easy to make and it is really nice. You just need to sketch a shape on a wooden
board and then attach glass jars to its outlines. You should also pierce the
board in order to put the lights. The result is simple but attractive
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