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"I am not too thrilled that you guys are using git" -- IBM/Rational ClearCase Product Manager
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The same sentence should be heard from the Build Forge Product Manager about Jenkins!
Well, not that much interesting stuff if you think that Jenkins/Git is a better solution than BuildForge/ClearCase for the future!

The most interesting stuff is around the ALM solutions which look nice but perhaps a bit heavy and "Enterprise". Hope all the talk about OSLC is true so it would be possible to integrate with non-Rational tools. Also as usual the LMF people where great, they seem to be getting much needed credit for their agile transformation now.

They showed that ClearCase had road map with yearly releases. Much emphasis on that it is "Enterprise" and here to stay. They seem to be more on their toes now when they know there are good alternatives there. They also promised 1.5-2x times increased speed in dynamic views, so from slow as h--l to only slow.

For the heavy locking issues inside MVFS causing problems with building in dynamic views on multi-core machines their solution was to virtualize like hell with many small images on the same metal. Bring these machines up and down when you wanted to build ala Amazon EC2 and others. Sounds like a horrible complex solution to a problem which we can fix much easier :)
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