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This is the way to buy special Lego pieces. This haul came from a $10 pick-your-own-pieces box at the Lego store. The trick is to avoid the common bricks and go for the rare.

The big prize here is the 55 2x1 smooth purple pieces. I was amazed it was even possible. I had to pull them individually from a mixed bin on the Lego wall.

So excited about this haul. Total surprise too. I was at Sur La Table for a cooking class and Lego store was next door.

My daughter is gonna squee for the purple pieces. Sooooo rare

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Redesigned and rebuilt First Order Transporter. Improved accuracy to source material, less waste / more efficiency, bigger engines, better flap coverage, better color harmony, red elements added to interior for more First Order coloration pattern like TIE Fighters (my touch)
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Pretend you dont know what these stickers are "supposed" to be (if you do). What do these stickers represent? What Lego pieces would you place these stickers on?

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Fallout 3 was a great game. It is hard to see through the looking glass, because New Vegas was so good, but it was a great game.

I felt like I was truly in a WASTELAND, much more so than New Vegas or Fallout 4.

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Damn, the leg design in this set BLOWS. It is almost completely rigid, with only the ability to vertically traverse the top section (to turn the face of the AT-ST upward and aim at high targets).

You know what it isn't designed for? Walking

Ironic, no?

I am only building this thing to learn their techniques for building the main cabin, then I am deconstructing this piece of shit forever. At least the pieces in the set are highly useful for other projects (which is why I bought it in the first place).

Goddamn it is hard making this AT-ST in black.... I just don't have the small wing-like pieces that I do in grey.... argh.....


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Preliminary First Order leg structure is done

Just bought $250 worth of Legos with a Target gift card that I got from points on my credit card, so it felt like "found money."

2 copies of Carbon Freezing Chamber
2 copies of AT-ST
2 copies of Eclipse fighter
1 copy of Clone Turbo tank

Mostly bought for unique/useful bricks to build other things, rather than the actual designs themselves. The Minifigs are excellent as well.

Dis gonna be good. Happy New Year indeed. Delivery by Friday. Nice

I really like the First Order TIE variants in Episode VII. Disney really kicked ass with that.

So I think my next Lego project will be a First Order AT-ST variant. Black and red coloration, for starters. Other ideas for upgrades from the Imperial version?
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