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Taste Trails Rome - Italian Cooking Holiday , Rome
6 followers - - - Cooking holidays Rome . 4 Night long Weekends €799 Weeks €1099. No Single Supplement - - Cooking holidays Rome . 4 Night long Weekends €799 Weeks €1099. No Single Supplement


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Cooking holidays for singles, We have just the thing

This was the experience of a guest who came along by herself and stayed with us on one of our Cooking holiday - weekends.

Travels To Italy For A Cookery Holiday Experience Of A Lifetime.

I had a dream of going to Italy to learn how to cook just like the Italians cook ,

After trawling through what seemed like hundreds of websites on the internet for Italian cooking holidays and singles cooking holidays , I came across a very unasuming website and I knew immediately that this was the place for me. Not only was the price right , and the fact that there was no single supplements but the whole feel of the cooking holiday that they described seemed perfect for a long weekend in Italy. From the photos to the visitors comments , all came across as if they not only liked but were in love with this place . I was a single traveller and a little concerned about going away by myself , but from the moment I spoke to Mark ( he is the owner of Taste Trails Rome - Cookery holidays in Italy ) I felt immediately at ease as he explained exactly what the weekend entailed and what I would get for my money. I was told that the group had 6 single travellers on my particular weekend and virtually all having the same reservations about coming along by themselves . We needed not to have worried, I and some of the my other fellow guests took the train from Rome Fiumicino airport up to the local station and there waiting for us was the lovely Roberto and immediately we all felt as if we were being welcomed by a friend .

Early that evening we met the aforementioned Mark for the welcome dinner. It was proseccos all round as we all met and got to know each other and then it was down for the welcome dinner, and what a dinner , very rustic food to say the least , but the array of antipasti , primi and secondi were things that you would never see in an Italian restaurant back home in England. This was the real deal as far as authentic Italian food was concerned , no garlic bread in sight! The antipasti alone could have fed an whole army . The fresh pasta , perfectly 'al dente' was something else . Mark then casually informed us , that we would be making fresh pasta , by hand in both of the weekends cooking lessons and that it would be edible ! That evening set the tone for the weekend, it was a brilliant laugh , the welcome that we had had , the group clicked , maybe something to do with vino or the fact that we all had something in common .

Late afternoon , our first lesson. I had imagined that I would be nervous but none of us were, Mark had said its not Master chef and the tone of the weekend continued in the lesson , We laughed as we made mistakes , but none of it mattered , we were taken through a full dinner , from Antipasti to Dolce , with fresh pasta Ravioli and meat dishes in between. And the beauty of these lessons is you get to eat the fruits of your labour , and even though I say so myself , It was fantastic and we all felt that we could make everything that we had prepared at home, the lessons were that well taught. We ate and drank late into the night on the terrace under a night sky were you could see every star in the universe.

As we left the weekend not knowing what had hit us, it seemed as we had only just arrived and yet we had packed so much into the weekend and already it was time to go. I wasn't ready to go ! The group of 4 women and 2 men had got on fantastically well , we arrived as complete strangers but left as friends and with great sadness too .

It was truly was a great holiday to remember and something months later that I still giggle about . I will return to this secret place I found in Italy .

Want to know more?

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6 Nations Rugby Rome Italy v England - Culinary Weekend .

6 Nations Rugby, Rome, fine food, fine wine, fine company. All the ingredients for the perfect weekend.

2 Nights / 3 days staying at the Santo Pietro country hotel.
Welcome dinner.
Gourmet cooking lesson including dinner.
Wine tasting,
Guided pre-match tour of Rome
Official 6 nations Italy rugby match ticket ( curva sud )

Places Are Limited.

£100 Deposit Secures Your Place.

£499 per person sharing


Looking for the perfect Christmas or Valentines gift ?
Personalised gift certificates are available

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A Few years back Taste Trails Rome Italian cookery courses organised a visit to Turin for Bord Bia - The Irish food food. This was a trip for a group of Irish food entrepreneurs., food producers , artisans and restauranteurs. The whole idea of the trip was to try and inspire through showing them how their counterparts in Italy , primarily Turin were doing things, what was trending there in terms of news ideas, packaging and branding etc . The four day trip included visits to the Terra Madre Salone del gusto - The Slow food showcase , the Slow food university , Eataly and Caffè Vergnano, - the up-market coffee roasters and we spent one special afternoon and evening in the company of Nicola Batavia in his wonderful restaurant - ‘L Birichin .

I had previously only spoken to Nicola via telephone explaining who we are , the reason we would be in Turin and what we where trying to achieve for the group. Nicola was overjoyed , completely enthused by the idea and immediately invited us to his restaurant for a private cooking lesson. On arrival in Turin his restaurant was our first port of call and his warm welcome for a group of around sixteen into his relatively small kitchen that included both him and his five chefs was a both a joy and a masterclass.

Nicola spent the next two hours cooking only two dishes , explaining in great detail the simplicity of the dishes , the level of care needed to achieve absolute maximum taste, in this case from the very simple ingredients of only pasta, tomato , basil , garlic and fine extra virgin olive oil, exquisite. His kitchen was like an operating theatre , he only had to hold out his hand and one of the other chefs handed him instinctively a knife , spoon or whatever was needed. The kitchen was run like clockwork, it had to be, you don't get to earn a Michelin star without such attention to detail.. ( He later gave up his star ).

As we all tasted the finished dishes , Nicola went around the group asking what they each made or did and he passed on his experience and ideas to them with such generosity and feeling.

That evening we returned for dinner and Nicola had prepared a special tasting menu with accompanying wines for the group. As each item was served Nicola appeared from the kitchen to explain in detail exactly what we were eating and all about his chosen wines which incidentally came from his own private cellar.

The day with Nicola at the L'Birichin was a delight and an inspiration - exactly the thing we were hoping for and much more besides !

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