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Internet Marketing and Business Technology for E-Commerce, Real Estate, Local Small Business and Professionals, Niche Markets, and Events...
Internet Marketing and Business Technology for E-Commerce, Real Estate, Local Small Business and Professionals, Niche Markets, and Events...


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This tweet, according to Twitter officials, is now the most shared tweet ever.

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5 ways to balance technical & non-technical SEO

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A single-purpose built device will always win in its design-center (niche.) Apple Watch is general purpose; Fitness Trackers track interest areas (running, fitness, weight loss, continuous exercise heart rate, etc.) with more finesse?

You can now buy a Chinese-designed and produced Xiaomi MiBand 2 which tracks many fitness and activity areas as well as or better than a $100 device, and it sells for about $30. Firmware improvements continue; will it become the FitBit KILLER?

Keep in mind, it is not just the device, its sensors, its look and feel, but the APP behind the data. An app that does what you want wins over all else, if fashion​ is no object.
According to IDC, which cites third-quarter sales figures of the wearables market, sales of Apple Watch are down more than 70%. IDC states that the primary reasons for the decline were an aging lineup and an unintuitive user interface. On the other hand, the overall wearables market enjoyed a 3.1% growth over last year— with double-digit growth in basic fitness trackers. Fitbit leads the wearables market with 23% market share, Xiaomi is second with 16.5%, and Garmin is third with 5.7%.

I'm not surprised that smartwaches aren't as popular with consumers as basic wearables have been. Companies just haven't given consumers an incentive to purchase smartwaches over basic wearables, which not only provide the functionality that consumers are looking for, but are usually less expensive than smartwaches.

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I see. This experience has a name: Intrusive Thoughts!
What are intrusive thoughts?
Suddenly thinking things like: "I could drive off this cliff and kill us all", or "If I hit you with this hammer, it would crack open your skull," is a common experience for most people. They’re called intrusive thoughts, and are perfectly normal when they occur without causing anxiety or compulsion.

Here’s the thing. Our imaginations know no boundaries, so nearly everyone experiences intrusive thoughts that are rooted in violence, sex, blasphemy and beyond. For most people, these thoughts come and go. But for sufferers of OCD, these thoughts trigger debilitating anxiety. It’s not easy getting rid of the thoughts. OCD sufferers compulsively try to neutralize or disprove them. But the more they obsess, the stronger the thoughts get. The faster they come. And the more they play into their biggest fears. This leaves sufferers questioning their character and constantly seeking reassurance that they’re simply not capable of acting on their thoughts.

And so begins the never-ending cycle of obsessions and compulsions. Unlike some forms of OCD where a sufferer engages in a visual ritual (like hand washing), some OCD sufferers get stuck in their minds performing non-observable rituals over and over again. To their dismay and frustration, sufferers obsess over the meaning of their thoughts. Even worse, ill-informed therapists might request that their patients dive deeper for an understanding. The truth is, those intrusive thoughts are completely meaningless. Because the brain experiences a misfire between areas of communication, they don’t actually speak to someone’s character. Intrusive thoughts can be a totally manageable condition. With proper therapy, people with OCD can live normal, happy lives.

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+Authoritynutrition has one of the best blogs on Health and Fitness I have ever found. I read it several times a week.

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A client asks me: "People who I neither know nor care about are adding me to their circles. How do I flag this as spam? They obviously are abusing the system. How do I block them?"

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I donated. Google matches your donations.

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Millbrook Estate Sale... Santa Rosa, 95405. Saturday, Sunday - May 23rd-24th. 
Millbrook Estate Sale LIST
Millbrook Estate Sale LIST

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