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Triplehorde! Blockhead Imperial IPA (abv 7.5%). Beer begins pouring Saturday January 26th at noon. Armadillo BBQ begins at three PM.
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Tomorrow we continue the experimental madness! Saison/Roussane collaboration with Patterson Cellars... We will be blending our Saison with a fantastically sweet (38 Brix) white grape. This will be an epic leap in our lineup! We'll be packaging this into bottles, corked and caged~ We love being an Artisan Craft Brewery!!!
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*Naked City, Greenwood
*Mutiny Hall, Roosevelt
*The Last Drop, Lake City
*Super Deli, West Seattle
*Special Event* Cask IPA Beveridge Place: THU-SAT, NOV. 8-10, 6:00 pm – Midnight:
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Triplehorn Brewing getting some Woodinville love!
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Today's Mash: NeMeSis Imperial Milk Stout, round 2!!! This time, we're putting some in our Jim Beam barrels for an added "Bam!"... A perfect winter warmer at 10% ABV, and smooth, sweetness! 
Come get out of the rain, and enjoy a tulip of round-1 NeMeSis while it lasts!
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We're having a Halloween/Milk Stout Release Party on Saturday the 27th, and it's not to be missed!! The Imperial Stout is our Chocolaty-Roasted Malt Sweetness!!! At 9.8% ABV it'll knock your socks off! Party starts at 5pm, and goes until everyone's had their bellies filled! Armadillo BBQ will be slinging meat, and PRIZES will be awarded! FREE Entry, (We don't believe in charging for fun...) TRIPLEHORDE!!! PS: It'll be warm inside our building, *wink*
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Triplehorn Brewing Company-Brewing Craft Beers in Woodinville Washington
Triplehorn Brewing Co. may be considered "Just another WA brewery", au contraire mon frere! Pardon my French. We are another GREAT WA brewery! Our intent is to quench the thirst of the masses. Rice is not a primary ingredient in great beer, and we won't compromise our Liquid of the Gods. If you have a malty, hoppy, silky big beer desire, you are welcome. Our taproom gives full vantage of the
 brewing experience. Come for the beer; enjoy the brash, bold, and often audacious intimacy. Join us monthly for our U-Bru collaborations. If you home brew, or want to give it a shot, bring your curiosity and we'll help you on your way. If we love your creation, we'll get it on a tap, and you may write your name on the runestones of Valhalla. "For men of consequence a mound should be raised to their memory, and for all other warriors who had been distinguished for manhood a standing stone, a custom that remained long after Odin's time".
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