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Courtney Anderson
My passion is to finding, developing and implementing solutions that make life better
My passion is to finding, developing and implementing solutions that make life better

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New Revolutionary #Email Advertising Platform creates a Paradigm shift for #Advertisers and Email Service Providers
Even with the tremendous growth of online media marketing, its impact and ROI has not yet come close to email marketing, which is still used extensively to reach existing and new customers (1). Today a revolutionary new email advertising platform is creating a paradigm shift for Email Service Providers and Advertisers.  
Traditional email advertising platforms offered by top ad-selling companies such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook and AOL, still present difficulties in engaging customers that need to go through six or seven steps to discover the expected content and decide whether or not to act on it (2). Due to today's shorter and shorter attention spans, email recipients are not really opening and "reading" emails -- they are just scanning quickly for useful content (4).
Other email advertising platforms, such as Constant Contact, iContact, ExpressPigeon, MailChimp and AWeber, have a strong risk of the email not being noticed, not being delivered, or even worse, having the email being flagged as spam, which can negatively affect advertisers' ROI and brand (3). 
This new proven addition to current webmail and email client systems greatly revolutionizes and streamlines the user experience by reducing the number of steps required to review and commit on an offer or activity.  Emails can often be acted on without even opening them. Display advertising, video, rich text and other powerful tools are naturally embedded and instantly accessible.

Furthermore, none of the traditional email platforms identify trusted brands and increase the recipients' confidence to act by differentiating trusted emails from spoof or spear phishing emails, which both instills confidence to act and protects the email recipient.  
The new adaptation to current webmail and email client systems is creating a paradigm shift and will bring many more business, mobile and home accounts to Email Service Providers and increase their revenue from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars annually.
For advertisers, the new platform creates a entirely new, third revenue stream, comparable in size to search and display advertising to better reach customers and to integrate customer data with other platforms.. 
Coalesce Corporation announced the adaptation and is seeking an acquirer for the company that developed and proven the technology
1.      ExactTarget 2012 Channel Preference, Forrester US  
2.      Top Five Email Marketing Platforms  
3.      Are You Making This Common E-mail Marketing Mistake?

4.      The 8-Second Challenge: Email Marketing for Our Shrinking Attention Span

Dr. Courtney Anderson, CEO
Coalesce Corporation
447 Miller Ave, Suite E
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Tel:  (415) 384-3040
Fax: (415) 384-3180
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More state (in this case China, surprised?) sponsored spear #phishing via carefully crafted #email   to attack organizations and steal IP and other secret and sensitive information.  See for more on this topic.
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Spearphishing nails everybody, even the most proficient.  Isn't any of our data and #network  safe?   #cybercrime  is on the rampage!

Newer #email  systems at least have a shot at preventing this:
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Targeted email attacks, AKA ‘Spear phishing’ are a major threat to every organization. It only takes one carefully worded and formatted email, sent to the right target at the right time, for a malicious attack to be successful. This tactic has been used in some of the most high-profile breaches in recent history, and third-parties consistently validate its efficacy:
 “95% of all attacks on enterprise networks are the result of successful spear phishing”  Allen Paller, Director of Research, SANS Institute 
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Want to make sure you are not missing offers from your favorite advertisers?  New Email format allows you to quickly scan their offers without opening your email or having to click on a link.

It also makes sure that the offer is coming from your favorite vendors, suppliers and outlets, and not from some cybercriminal in Rumania.

It good for your webmail providers and your favorite suppliers, as well, because they can quickly get their message to you in a platform where you choose what interests you and can quickly get the gist and abort or take action.

It provides more revenue for Webmail providers and advertisers as well, because it is the third leg of the stool of search and display advertising.
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Tied of the overhead of all the numerous steps it takes to pick through your numerous emails each day?   There is a proven solution that lets you fly through emails with rollovers, get the gist and respond without even opening the email.   

It's also great for social media.

Not only that, it protects you from being spear phished by cyber criminals.  What's better than that?
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Cyber Criminals are penetrating governments, businesses and personal accounts at an accelerating rate worldwide.

Spear Phishing is the number one way cyber thieves infiltrate and steal valuable company and personal information, using it for their own gain and selling it to others.

Security organizations have made great gains in protecting the intended target -- you, your family or your co-workers.  However a "Toxic Trickle" always gets though.   It is targeted around your personal information to make it especially attractive to the intended victim.

One click on a toxic link or document and they have gained access.  You are now wide open to theft.  The result can be loss of all your important data, intellectual property, contacts, financial records, and ultimately, it may cost you your job or business.

Newer email approaches now help protect the intended victim from making the fatal mistake of trusting a spear phishing email by visually and quickly showing them which emails can be trusted, who is trying to contact them, and why.
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