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How many settings/systems you know have wandering in or dealing with dreams to be essential or central part of them?
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Writing abyssal layer #79 I regret that there are no widely and often used 1d16 dice - for twelve (d12) locations there are still some places of interest left to cover and for twenty (d20) there is not enough paper.
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Go with d12 for convenience
Go with d16, however strange it is
Glue on more paper and go with d20
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Does anybody wants a free, amateur-made sketchbook? I made a bunch I have no use for, and I will ship them to you entirely for free, just so they will be used. Your address will be kept private and all communication (along with address) deleted as soon as I ship the sketchbook.

Each sketchbook is manually made, so all are flawed in some way.
- "White tree" (11 cm x 14 cm, softcover, staple-binding, 20 sheets of mix-media, 98lb/160g white paper + 2 sheets of soft, off-white watercolour paper in the middle; the flaws are two somewhat dirty pages I sew in without noticing)

- "Half-map" (10.5 cm x 13 cm, softcover, staple-binding, 16 sheets of mix-media, 98lb/160g white paper + 2 sheets of off-white 140 lb/300 gr watercolour paper in the middle, the flaws are a crease in the middle, and a small spot of dried glue on the cover)

- "No-machines" (9.5 cm x 14.5 cm, softcover, staple-binding, 12 sheet of soft, off-white sketch paper which will hold pens, pencils, water-based markers and light wash but not much of permanent markers or water; the flaw is quality of paper and creased spine)

- "Stitched" (about 11 cm x 15 cm, hardcover, coptic-binding, 4 small "books" of 8 sheets each, total 32 sheets, soft, off-white sketch paper same as above, cotton thread, the flaws are random knots and uneven edges)

- "Glitter" (15 cm x 23 cm, softcover, stitch-binding, white bristol paper 145 lb/250 gm, the flaw is weak-ish binding made of glittery paper)

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Drawing some blanks here, could use some help.

Need help finding red and black materials. By 'materials' I mean physical solids or liquids, naturally occurring or minimally processed, which don't have many common variations in other colours or widely known for only one colour - for example marble can be white, grey or black, it won't do, but paper (known mostly to be white) will. Wine can be white just as much as red, so wine won't work for red.
No jewels, plants or metals.

For reds I only have terracotta (maybe), cinnabar and blood, and for blacks only ebony, coal and ink. Anything else in red and black?
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Given a choice, would you rather have 30-50 barely customizable classes or 10-16 somewhat customizable classes or 4-6 vastly customizable classes?
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If you have a minute of time, can you tell what OSR DnD (-like) system is your favourite (or, maybe, the least disliked) and why? Anything pre-3rd DnD edition, actual or recreation.
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