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Multiplication with lines - a method of Shaolin monks.

The number in the Shaolin monks method is represented by a set of strokes . Each digit is written by a group of lines parallel to each other, the same number of digits as the value of the medium ( eg, number 5 represents the five parallel lines ) . Groups bars are separated by gaps. Dashes number of first strokes are perpendicular to the second number . The method involves counting the amount of dots or intersections between lines. Counting is done on a przekątniowej . Intersections ( dots ) are counted along the diagonal , starting from the extreme left-hand diagonal . If the sum of the dots on the diagonal is greater than 9 , then you must add the tens digit to the result of the previous diagonal type and number of unity as a result of the present diagonal , except for the first diagonal , which is entered in the result . From the obtained values ​​are constructed end result , starting respectively from the result obtained in the farthest right of the diagonal , the result is responsible for a number of unity , the result on the next rightmost diagonal corresponds to the number of tens , hundreds , etc. on the next
If we multiply eg 1234 x 23000 is just multiply 1234 x 23 and the result we add three zeros and 0 can not be in the middle of the multiplications 10233x12, 12002x41.
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