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Impacts of Manure Application on Soil Organic Matter
Research has indicated that organic matter content in
the prairie regions of the United States have declined by 50-90 percent since
the land was first cultivated; for soils in Iowa this was approximately a
decline from 10% to around 5% organic matter. As so...
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Soil Health – Impacts on Hydraulic Properties
Of late, there has been greater interest in soil health,
agricultural sustainability, and improving the robustness of our soils to
occurrences of drought or heavy rainfall. These concepts often have one thing
in common, a focus on increasing soil organic ma...
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Manure Application Logistics - Rate and Cost
As we get to the heart of land application season my
thoughts always drift to the same concepts. How can we do a better at moving
manure from farmstead to field, quickly, safely, and environmentally consciously.
Manure has long been considered a valuable in...
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Manure Logistics - Available manure application windows and application capacities
I often get asked the question what does the future of the
manure industry look like. I typically give a little thought and then reply, a
lot like it does now, we’ll continue to try to get better at finding ways to
more quickly and accurately apply the manu...
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Following up - How Uncertainty Impacts Manure Application Rate Decision Making
I received a question the other day about my blog post from
mid-July dealing with uncertainty in manure application rate selection. If you
recall, I talked about the concept of insurance Nitrogen (N) and why it wasn’t
advisable. That’s where I said somethin...
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Dealing with Uncertainty in Manure – Insurance Nitrogen (Just a little bit extra?)
There is uncertainty in every decision we make; all we can
do is try to make the best decision we can based on what we know. When it to
using manure as a fertilizer there are four main sources of uncertainty, these
are: Nitrogen need of the crop (due to eve...
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How much manure form a dairy cow?
Happy dairy month! As you all probably know June is dairy
month and that means it’s time for a dairy manure story around here. As I got
to thinking about what to discuss - I was working on a manure budget for the
state of Iowa (how much manure to do we have...
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Compost, Stockpiling, and Fresh Manure – What is happening?
Handling systems affect manure nutrient levels and forms by
influencing gaseous emissions, exposure to runoff and leaching, and as a result
the can influence a manures ability to supply crop nutrients when land applied.
Traditionally on feedlots in Iowa pen...
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Manure Application Uniformity
Maybe you have seen some tweets and pictures about manure
application uniformity testing over the past years, or hopefully seen some
information about upcoming field
days where uniformity is going to be a key topic . You might be wondering
why we are making...
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Manure a valuable commodity
When I first started really thinking about the how’s and why’s
of how manure is managed one of the best papers to my line of thinking was “Making
economic sense of why swine effluent is sprayed in North Carolina and Hauled in
Iowa” by Roka, Hoan, and Zering...
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