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*The Kelpie's Song*
The Kelpie's Song Remember me, you will remember me between the damp moss and the water lilies swimming gently, dreaming in their quiet slumber the white flowers, they deceived your heart as you held it between your hands carrying your tears to the pearl ...

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From the Forest of Nyx comes Lullaby, a coloured pencil and pen drawing from 2012 that I always felt deserved a story of its own. I am putting it here as a reminder to myself, and sooner or later the story will whisper itself to me.

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The storm continues...
Heavy Heart The wind, the wind in my heart it bites me with its sharp little fangs nibbling at my edges, tearing the flesh apart. Feeding upon my raw eyes as dry as they are now The wind, the wind in my heart it sings with a tune that makes the walls blee...

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  Welcome to my little blog. I've long wanted to have a corner where I can post my small pieces of stories and poetry that often accompany my art. The Forest of Nyx is a place of mystery, magic and moments; moments wherein I catch the tiniest of glimpses of...
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