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Liposuccion with fat transfer VS Buttock Implants
Dr. Nicolaidis has become a huge proponent of fat transfer to the buttock for two reasons. Firstly, you not only add fat to the buttock but also remove fat by liposuccion from the abdomen, sides and thighs in order to accentuate curves. Second of all, the alternative of buttock implants is fraught with complications and high surgery revision rates.
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Lately, we received many calls about Sculptra. Please note that Sculptra is indicated in the face as an alternative to fillers (ex: Juvederm). Recently, there have been articles and blogs on it’s off-label use below the neck. More specifically, it has been used to help treat wrinkles between the breasts as well as an alternative to fat transfer for the buttock in thin patients who have too little fat for liposuction. The problem with the latter treatment is that it requires so much material that the cost approaches around $10,000 and the effect will only last around two years, unlike fat which can last indefinitely.
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Nous sommes déménagés au Complexe Desjardins, Tour Hyatt, 4e étage, dans des locaux plus spacieux et confortables pour notre clientèle.
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