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Taddeo Zacchini
Graphics and UI designer at Google, music addicted, Apple fan, gamer and a fan photographer.
Graphics and UI designer at Google, music addicted, Apple fan, gamer and a fan photographer.

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...And #FORMSF14  continued this afternoon with some stellar panels and breakout workshops:

Panel: Design Education
- "We might not make enough time for reflection in our work process." - Enrique Allen (Designer Fund)
- "We like to believe there are certain things you learn in school that you carry with you for life." - Michael Rock (Columbia) 

Panel: Talent & Hiring
- "Your most important job is designing a team." - Mia Blume (Pinterest)
- "Designers collect designers. They can tell you who you should hire." - +Soleio​ (Dropbox)
- "If you create a culture of mentorship in your team, you’re going to have more opportunities for talent." - Shalin Amin (Uber)

Panel: Design Tooling
- "We strive for our tools to not influence what the end result looks like" - Paul Colton (Pixate)
- "You don’t need to prototype for every screen size, that won’t necessarily help you solve the problem you want to solve" - Brandon Walkin (Facebook)

...And, of course, every good day ends with an even better Happy Hour—see you tomorrow! 
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Just created a story about our recent trip to Oregon:

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I wanted to make a story with the @storehousehq iPhone beta app, so I was walking around Potrero Hill and...

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This is pretty amazing: "Microsoft technology turns shaky first person videos into smooth time lapses"

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I would definitely, totally, 100% buy everything from such a store! Leica Store in Kyoto.

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I put together another video about our trip to Japan, this one is in Kyoto: #Mft

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Neil Gaiman, the best.

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Some pictures from our short trip to Yosemite: Sinuous Silver Rocks  #Mft

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Keynote is amazing! "Keynote does Material Design"

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We've come a long way in animation and visual effects - the frame rates, the color depth and even the resolution is better than we can distinguish with our eyes today. The level of detail we can produce in our movies is nothing short of breathtaking, and indeed part of the experience of being transported to a different world with endless possibilities.

Of course, a series such as GoT took more than $200 million to make, but when technologies improve exponentially, as is the case with graphics, rendering and display, that is of little concern in the grand scheme of things. I think the next big leap in this decade will be the adaptation of these methods to Virtual Reality and developing better perception of presence.
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