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Blog Review!
I have been looking at many different blogs about training and caring for pets. While looking at these blogs I found a really awesome blog about rabbits. The another did a great job finding good information and sharing it. The background works great with th...

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A Story About our Local Dog Wash!
The other day I took my dog to the dog park, to film her
learning a new trick. After a while the lady who owns our local dog groomer BarkyDogz Bath House  came with four dogs, one of winch was hers her dog
Valentine is a pit bull pup who loves other dogs an...

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Another Story About My Pup!
Everyone who knows my dog knows she is just a loving dog whose
bark is for sure bigger than her bite. She is a hyper little dog and she loves
to run, but she will never run too far. We take her up too my aunts all the
time and she runs all around her proper...

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How to Train your Dog to Army Crawl!
I have been wanting to teach my dog how to be able to crawl under things and fetch them so that I don't have to crawl for her. These tips are the best way to do it. Grab some treats and your dog and find an area with minimal distractions to begin training. ...

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My Veiw on The Book "Trail of The Wolf"
I read a book called Trail of The Wolf  by R.D Lawrence , and in his book he tells stories about his encounters with wolves. It’s really interesting, he is a biologist that studied mostly wolves after he thought he was going to get attacked by them. He did ...

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How To Train you're Dog Not to Jump
If you have a dog like mine, overly hyper and always jumping, then try some of these tips to get them to stop jumping. Zak George is a dog trainer with all these great tips and videos on how to train your dog. He says the root cause of jumping is lack of ex...

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A Short Story About My Dog!
When I first got my dog she was not even six weeks old. My aunt had just bread on of there best female hunters and there (and everyone's favorite) male dogs, and out of the litter there was seven pups. We loved to go up there and play with them, so the week...

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Veteran Therapy Dog Training
dog training therapy Rep. Steve Stivers has created a dog training program to help Veterans with   post-traumatic stress.  " As a nation, we share a moral obligation to care for our veterans when they return home and to provide them with meaningful therapie...
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