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And so it goes.
And so it goes.

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The distribution of wealth in America is far worse than virtually anyone could have imagined.

To those that think the wealth gap isn't a problem, there is likely nothing that will convince you of the perils this imbalance presents for our democracy. You probably think that those who are not wealthy are lazy and unwilling to work hard.

When the top 1% possess 40% of the wealth of this nation, and take home 24% of the income each year, does this mean they work that almost 400% harder than the average person?

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So why would the house republicans pass a rule that allows only one specific person (leader of the house) to introduce a CR? And when did they pass this rule?

Well, the rule is curious for sure, but the timing is even more curiouser! Indeed, the house republicans have been sabotaging budget negotiations for the past six months. This shutdown and debt ceiling crisis were clearly premeditated.

Obama ran his 2012 election on the merits of Obamacare. The result is that he won the White House, the senate picked up two democrats (meaning the republicans lost two seats) and the house picked up eight democrats (again, meaning the repubs lost eight seats).

Basically, the 2012 election was a referendum and the repubs lost in convincing fashion. And here we are today, with no legitimate means of governing from a minority position, they have chosen to to demand ransom.

What happens next year? They demand the repeal of Social Security and Medicare? Don't put it past these republicans.
Here is where the Republicans sneaked in a change to the standing rules of the House to take away the right of any member of the House to request re-opening the government, and give it ONLY to the majority leader or his designate.
You can see who voted, contact them and tell them what you think by clicking on their name:

There is also:

This occurred on September 30, 2013. Why was this not in the news?
And here is where Democracy was suspended

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That's what they get this year. They'll a whole new list next year that will include SSI.
21 Things Republicans Have Demanded In Exchange For Not Tanking The Global Economy
1. Defunding Obamacare 
2. Approving Keystone XL
3. Eliminating funding for Planned Parenthood 
4. Medicare privatization
5. Tax reform, as outlined by Paul Ryan
6. The REINS Act, which would require Congress to approve significant federal regulations
7. Means-testing Social Security 
8. A balanced budget amendment 
9. Allowing employers to eliminate insurance coverage for birth control
10. An expansion of off-shore drilling
11. Preserving all the Bush tax cuts
12. “Trillions” in budget cuts
13. Slashing funding for food stamps 
14. Protecting mountaintop strip mining
15. Stripping the EPA of authority to regulate greenhouse gases 
16. Loosening regulation on coal ash [ Link]
17. Delaying Obamacare implementation by one year 
18. Repealing a tax on medical devices 
19. Eliminating Social Service Block Grants 
20. Expanding drilling on federal lands 
21. Restricting the child tax credit

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Our Bearded Dragon, Wart, eating strawberries. Apparently he likes them.

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