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Bjoern Draegert
Android lover, London, photography, transport.
Android lover, London, photography, transport.

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The new Oneplus X is out! It will be available from the 5th November by invitation only.
#oneplusx #oneplus

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Yeah, that should help getting rid of at last some of my dodgy followers.
Beautiful picture by the way, I would love to be one of them!

This news feed is as messed up as the one in Facebook, not in a chronological order anymore and often enough I can't watch YouTube videos on my Android right from the stream. I might have missed something but I couldn't find anything to customise it.

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Amazing phone... but I just got the old HTC One a couple of weeks ago and still love it. The OnePlus One (what a boring name) is also 5.5" large, too big if you ask me, who went from the S2 to the Note 2 and on to the Galaxy Mega 6.3 and now back to the 4.7" HTC One which is a very good size.

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IBEX House, Portsoken Street, London.


"Ibex House is probably the largest surviving example of Streamline Moderne, a short-lived form of Art Deco seen in the mid to late 1930s, and mostly used in London by an entire generation of Odeon cinemas, and most famously by the Daily Express Building.

Upon completion Ibex House boasted the longest continuous glass curtain walls in the United Kingdom along its H plan footprint.

Also cladding Ibex House are horizontal cream ceramic bands of buff, and strips of black faience running upwards adding a vertical element, plus curving corners characteristic of Streamline Moderne..

Of particular note is the curving glass staircase set on the southern side of the building that continues to project out past the upper set backs of the building. It serves not only to provide access up through the centre of the building, but unlike the identical north one, also helps work as an informal viewing area for the buildings occupants looking south towards the Tower of London and Tower Bridge."

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Looks like I've missed the last tube... buses don't run either due to filming...
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