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Attempting Entrepreneurial Stardom
Attempting Entrepreneurial Stardom

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I'm not ashamed that Britney Spears gave me a Spotify invite. :3

If you have it, I'm sp0rkie on there. Haven't any idea if that actually means anything. xD

Ha, I got this shit:

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Via multiple sources, but brought to my attention by +Chris Brogan

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Okay, so I'm looking to expand my horizons when it comes to beer. The only beer I've had (besides a disgusting sip or two of things like Bud Light) is Alabama-brewed Truck Stop Honey Brown Ale. It was okay, probably a bit strong for my first time.

Anyone a beer enthusiast? Or atleast would like to help me out? :3 Let me know, I want to make a circle of you guys.

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Heck yes! (shared by +Guy Kawasaki as well)
Loving the Replies and more for Google+ Chrome extension! Replying can be kind of a nightmare without it, especially in long threads.

Thanks to +Brad Schelling, new way to use Huddles has surfaced: Bootycalls!

Make a circle for all your hoes (or, if you prefer a more endearing term: companions) and call it Bootycall. Then open up the G+ app (which is the only place you can actually do Huddles), click the Huddles icon, type in "Bootycall" (and the circle should pop up), then send them all a message. Let everyone talk amongst themselves and decide who can fit it into their schedule!

Means less work for you and a happier, more productive bootycall.

One more way to use G+. Enjoy. :3

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Der be a monsoon ablowin outcheer! D: 

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Everybody, say hi to Hayden Christensen. You may remember him as Anni Skywalker back a few years ago but he also played David Rice is Jumper. I can't believe he is almost 30 now.

Another G+ feature request! I hate "muting" posts because they disappear out of my stream and that kinda makes me not want to comment on a post I know will be popular (like that of +Adam Pash or +Kevin Rose) because I want them to stay on my stream where I can see but I don't want every damned comment to show up in my notifications and buzz my phone.

Maybe something like "quiet" notifications would work. They won't make my phone buzz or clutter my phone's notification bar. But when I open the G+ app, they're there. And they don't make the notifications indicator turn red (because it gets my attention and distracts me, the way it should) but the counter goes up.

Anyone else have this issue?

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I do want this shirt! Haha. :) (Thanks +Robert Scoble for sharing. :))
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