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How do I block people from adding events to my google calendar?

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From the occasional retail plug department:

Holiday cards now 25% off in my Etsy shop, get em while they're hot.

All note cards also 25% off through year end

Getting back in the painting groove again, new artwork coming soon.

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I haven't done any new paintings for awhile now, working on clearing out my studio and my head to make room for creativity. In the meantime, just added a bunch of older small original paintings to my Etsy store

Fabulous photos from Mojave Air & Spacestation (via Mental Floss)

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Last weekend we went to Lodi and saw the Sandhill cranes, quite a magnificent sight. They're about 5 feet tall and have the most graceful takeoff, and they honk noisily as they prepare to land. It's also an interesting collaborative management project, the farmers flood their fields to make roosting sites for the cranes who winter here from Oregon. Googling for an image to attach here, I found the following article about visiting the area (use zip 95050 if the popup appears).

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I just helped fund projects in 4 different countries through Microfinance is a great way to reach out and improve lives around the world.

I've taken it upon myself to come up with more user-friendly branding for the Occupy movements. I suggest they rebrand as the Parity Party. Rolls right off the tongue, eh?

Parity Now!

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Just watched Steal This Movie, about Abbie and Anita Hoffman. Seemed appropriate in this time of renewed activism (and inspiring).

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Check out +David Kokua's stream for photos from Occupy LA this weekend
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