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Glenneth's 5 favorite features of Enhanced Campaigns.

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Good article, but many of these only apply if you're playing in the same sandbox as big companies, and many small businesses, especially local ones, aren't. I have found that small businesses can have great success from SEO as long as they make a genuine commitment to it and be patient. 

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How to Find What Links to Disavow for Google's New Tool

Huge news today with +Matt Cutts  announcement about the new Disavow Link tool:

Cutt's says they're working on providing "examples" of links, but how do you find a more comprehensive list of your bad links? Here's some good places to start.

1. Link Cleanup and Contact - SEO Gadget
Enter up to 200 URLs to easily view link metrics to help separate the "good" from the "bad"

2. Google Webmaster Tools
Check your recent links reports. These are the links Google is looking at, so maybe you should too.

3. Open Site Explorer
Most SEOs like to eyeball their links in OSE. A lot of bad links literally jump out at you.

4. Remove'em
This is a paid service, but included is a complete tool suite that helps you to contact webmasters and remove links.

Cutts emphasized that webmasters still need to try and remove bad backlinks - the tool is for those difficult links where you get no cooperation. To this end I need to give a shout out to my friends at Rmoov - a low-cost link removal assistant:

Who's going to try it first?

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“Of course you can’t over-do it as Google now also penalizes for over optimization, so don’t put more than 2 commercial keywords in your titles or Google will frown upon it.”

Excellent Article...

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Glenneth makes her case.
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