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Jennifer Hancock
Transforming Lives Through Humanism
Transforming Lives Through Humanism

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The Simple Truth is – Humanism Matters
There continues to be a lot of discussion about Humanistic
Business and leadership. The reason why? Because Humanism matters. We live in a diverse global society. The biggest businesses
are global, our commerce is global, thanks to the internet, our friends...

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My most popular post - hating hate

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Check out my new video, on ethics - it all depends on the circumstances

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What does it mean to be ethical?
To be ethical is to be moral. And that’s a loaded term. Morality is about values. What we think is good or bad. It’s judgements we make about ourselves and about others. Generally – if something is good for us – we think it’s good and if it’s bad for us – w...

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Facing Your Fears … in Business
are by definition public. For some people, that causes a lot of anxiety.   Being
professional isn’t always easy. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t
occasionally suffer from self-doubt. For some people, this doubt – holds them
back.   They d...

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Tools to help you think outside the box while thinking clearly - 1 thinking rule to remember to help you think more effectively.

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Consider Humanism
I was asked recently about labels.  The person, a woman, considers herself to be a feminist. But, she also was dealing with the reality that some people view feminism as being somehow misandrist, meaning, anti-male. Obviously, being pro-equality for women i...

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Thinking outside the box can actually help you focus your thinking.
1 thinking rule to remember to help you think more
effectively.   In addition to my science based harassment trainings and my
training on humanistic management (see )
I also teach critical thinking skills as they apply to strate...

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Check out my new video about Balance - everything requires it, including ethics
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