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When you’re young, you think your dad is Superman.

On Father’s Day, I can’t help reflecting on all the things you’ve given me and lessons you’ve taught me over the years. Although time and distance may separate us, the man you are and the person you’ve made me never diminish. Thank You dad for being my pillar of strength and fountain of wisdom. Life is more beautiful when you are around.
Happy Father’s Day!
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Hon. Vijay Jolly, Senior BJP Indian Leader, will be visiting Ukraine, Kiev and Odessa, on May 31, 2018 as a part of His program “People to People Connection” aimed to share the extensive 48 months achievements of the Modi Government. Hon. Vijay Jolly, Senior BJP Indian Leader plans to meet the Indian students at the Odessa National Medical University as well as the members of the Indian diaspora and the Head of Indian Diaspora in Odessa, Ukraine, Dr. Ashu Rawat.
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Odessa is the Southern capital of Ukraine with Black Sea coastline, relaxed nightlife, festive mood and amazing beaches. Take a look at the best beaches in Odessa to sunbathe, swim and spend a joyful time. 🌊☀️⛱️🏝️


Arkadia is not central located beach, but is the largest, most developed and the most expensive beach in Odessa. The main entrance is clearly labeled by two pillars holding an ‘Arkadia’ sign. Behind the sign is a long, shaded boulevard that boasts dozens of entertainment options. Along this path, you will also notice lots of cafes, restaurants and kiosks. From here you can choose to either go downstairs onto the main Arkadia beach or try out numerous surrounding stretches of sand that all fall within Arkadia's premises.


A steep walk downhill is required to access most of Odessa beaches. However, this is not the case for Otrada Beach, which can be accessed by cable cars. Enjoy the beautiful view of coast from the top of the ride! Otrada Beach consists of numerous small beaches - almost all of which are fully equipped with bars, waiter service, changing rooms, showers, playing zones for kids and other facilities. Here you can also try out Wind Surfing or Jet Skiing.


Lanzheron is one of the most popular Odessa beaches and the most preferred by tourists because of its central location. Located next to Shevchenko Park, one can enjoy the greenery of the park and take a dip in the warm Black Sea at the same time. Lanzheron Beach stretches over many different beaches, each with its own unique Odessa flavor.

Delphin (Dolphin) ⛱️

Delphin Beach is located just a bit on the south from Lanzheron and Otrada beaches. A few minute walk down the steep stairs brings to less crowded Delphin beach. The sand quality on this beach is one of the better ones in Odessa. Overall beach cleanliness and relatively good service make this place a recommended visit on a hot summer day while staying in Odessa.

And what is your favorite beach in Odessa?😍
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Proposed reforms in Medical Education:

1. Foreign Medical Graduate Test to be merged with National Exit Test from next
2. At present, Indians who have studied medicine abroad but want to return home
and write the FMG test need to show MCI eligibility certificates to become eligible to
write the FMG test. Now on, such Indian students who study medicine abroad but
come back to practise medicine at home would need to show NEET clearance scores
to be able to write the FMG test.
Foreign graduates wishing to practise medicine in India would not need to go through
the standalone Foreign Medical Graduates test in 2019.
The Ministry of Health is considering merging the FMG exam with the National Exit
Test (NEXT) which has been proposed to assess the quality of the MBBS pass-outs
in the final year of medical undergraduation course.
The proposal of NEXT is contained in the National Medical Commission Bill, 2018,

which is likely to be passed in the Monsoon Session of Parliament. The Ministry
recently amended the draft law in line with the recommendations of the Parliamentary
Standing Committee on Health.
The final draft Bill proposes a uniform national exit test in the final year of MBBS
course to test the quality of the graduating MBBS students. There is now a proposal
to merge the FMG test with NEXT.
“At present, the National Board of Examination conducts the Foreign Medical
Graduate Test annually for foreign graduates wanting to practise medicine in India.
We propose to merge FMG test in NEXT so that the Indian graduates and foreign
graduates are tested against the same yardstick and a uniform standard of quality of
practising doctors is ensured,” a Health Ministry source said.
In another major reform, the Ministry has brought in changes to rules governing the
eligibility whereby Indian students go abroad to study medicine and return to practise
the same in India.
According to new rules notified this month, students going abroad to study would no
longer need eligibility certificates from the Medical Council of India if they want to
study abroad and later return to India to write the FMG test and practise medicine.
“The old practice has been that Indian students going abroad to study medicine take
eligibility certificates from the MCI if they want to return to India and write the FMG
test. These certificates were issued to any student attaining 50 per cent marks in
Class XII. The results were not good. On an average, 12.5 per cent of the students
writing the foreign medical graduates test would pass. This failed pool of talent would
end up in quackery. Now we have decided that students going abroad to study
medicine must clear NEET if they want to return to write the national exam later and
practise medicine at home. The idea is to improve the quality of foreign medical
graduates returning to India to practise,”.
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Students of the Odessa National Medical University held an action "Health Day"!

As you know, your own health is in our hands. However, one of the main factors of healthy life is the absence of bad habits. That's what our students decided to remind their colleagues during an action that took place on May 10 near the main building of the ONMedU.

"Health Day: Medin without Nicotine" - it was under such a slogan that a rather unusual event took place. The voluntary return of cigarettes was accompanied by the exchange of contraceptives and candy.

Such beneficial encouragements have awakened considerable interest among the student community and there were plenty of people wishing to abandon the bad habit. Hopefully, such events will motivate our students and employees to consciously follow their own health on their own.
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The moment when the human life is in your hands. Our student Dr. Shikhil Pal, who studies in Clinical Residency / Master's of Medicine M.Med. , tells us how interesting and very responsible is the doctor's task.

"Do you realize, in a matter of few seconds, to make the right decision to save patient life!?"

After studying for 6 years Under Graduate you need to be trained for 4 more years of Post Graduation to be Expertise.

4 years of sustained and hard work to become a Professional Specialist Anesthesiologist!

Choose a field for yourself, for your soul and for your right bright future.
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You're the best mom in the world!
Love you!
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In Gorky Park in Odessa created light-and-music fountain! 🤩🤩🤩
The fountain and the flower garden are illuminated by 36 lanterns. On trees and elements to achieve illumination.

In the evenings, a light show pleases citizens and visitors of the city. Have you already seen?😍
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Catacombs!😮Discover the secrets of underground Odessa😮!
Dear Friends specially for YOU The Leader Education👑 organizes a unique excursion to the Odessa undergrounds,
The company took care not only tour interest🤔, but also we invited the native speaker to convey all the subtleties and soleness about the catacombs.🤓😍

Excursion to an amazing complex of underground structures right in the historical center of Odessa. 12th of May , time:12:00
😃 You will see 3 in 1: ➕catalogs, ➕ karst cave, ➕ strategic nuclear bunker.

✏ Information and recording by phone:
📞 + 38-063-56-36-202 or write -

💰The tour price is only 250 UAH.
⌛ Duration: 2,5-3 hours.
📌 The entrance to the underground world of Odessa is located in the central bus station area: st. Razumovskaya, 33 (corner of the 2 nd Razumovsky Lane)

✔ Starting from the surface, as you go deeper into the catacombs, you sink further and further into the past of our city, discovering many interesting things.

In the museum on the Moldovan you will see:
➕ The giant strategic nuclear bunker of the Cold War.
➕ The oldest quarries in Odessa.
➕ Karst cave, about 4 million years old with remains of ancient animals.
➕ Visit the wild catacombs.
➕ Pass through the winded part.
➕ You will visit the partisan parking lot, bandit raspberries and other expositions.

🔦Tasks, gloves and lanterns are issued.
With you you need to have warm clothes and sports shoes.
In the catacombs a constant temperature of 14 degrees - it's warm in winter and cool in summer.
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Education in Ukraine is not just learning and knowing! It's a love for your future profession❤️
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