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Soma Elite 4.0 for DotNetNuke has been released. Soma Elite is a powerful content processing DNN module for DotNetNuke that makes it easy to improve your existing content regardless of the module or skin it’s created by. Turn simple text into exciting interactive information by using Soma’s Tag Rendering Engine.  Features include text replacement, Database lookup for token replacement, popup windows, scrolling text, sliding images, shuffle photo's, tool tips, automatic key word wiki lookup, scroll and pause images or text, fading content and more.  Full details and evaluation version are available on  Are you a current subscriber?  Download this new release for free and install to your DotNetNuke web site today.

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OnyakTech Forms 4.0 is available now on Subscribers can download this new release for free from the My Downloads page to OnyakTech Subscribers. This new version of the Forms Builder for DotNetNuke includes mobile device support, more controls, new editor, more data integration, data selection events and more. Go to to download your copy of OnyakTech Forms today.

New Features:

Delete and Updates to data is now supported. Just add the new tokens to indicate the table name, primary key and OnyakTech Forms will handle the rest for you.

New CATPCHA control that is supported on all versions of DotNetNuke

New Control Options Manager added with easy right-click access from active forms in the new Control Context Menu

You can now attach Java Script to controls through the Control Options Manager or have the OnyakTech Forms module generate the script for you

New Tool Tips feature added with a professional design. Easily added using the new Control Options Manager.

New input validation with regular expressions provides an better and easier way to set a controls validation expression with a professional display of error messages

New Required Field Validation options available through the Control Options Manager making it very easy to add required field validation

New Control Context Menu makes it easy to edit control properties from active forms while in Edit mode. Just right-click the control to access the additional control options.

New feature to automatically generate forms based on tables in your database

Requests to update specific records in a table and preload a form with default values is now supported with query query string parameters. Use this with the OnyakTech Data Viewer module to create a complete data list and form entry application for DotNetNuke without writing any code!

Calendar control now has its culture set to match DotNetNuke Site

New sample forms demonstrates how to use all of the new features including the ability to update and create data

New Collapsible Section Feature added making it easy to group large forms into smaller forms with collapsible sections so your users can focus on key areas

New Sample Controls form that use OnyakTech Forms own collapsible feature to group controls by function

New simple Submit control added for those times when you only want to execute the Form Post Actions set in the Display Options

New validation option to force one controls value to match another controls value. Great for password validation or to confirm an email address.

New option to send an additional email with a separate email template to users in specific roles after a Form post

Auto Profiling: Automatically sets control values named after custom user profile fields in DNN to the current users profile value and saves back to their profile on form submit. This is in addition to any post execution actions defined for the form.

The email sent by the form can now have the recipient email address set dynamically using query string values

Automatically displays messages in query string. This can be used to display information to the user in a professional way in the Forms module by passing messages in the Query String. An example use of this is when you direct people to the Forms module page from the Data Viewer page or if your form redirects people to a specific page after a submit for extra processing and then you redirect them back to the Form page and want to display additional details to the user from the processing page.

Fixed an issue with saving Forms in DNN 6.x and 7.x

Go to to download your copy of OnyakTech Forms today.

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New DotNetNuke Modules are available now on  OnyakTech Subscribers can download these new DotNetNuke Modules from the My Downloads on  Not a subscriber?  Join today for full access to all DotNetNuke Modules, Skins, Windows applications, Vista and Google Gadgets and Android applications with Source Code starting at just $99 from

New releases include: Data Viewer, Forms, SigmaPro core and SigmaPro Help Desk.  Complete details about all of the new changes are in the forums on

What's next? A new feature rich version of the OnyakTech Forms module will be out next week!

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New DotNetNuke Module Released: X-Shadow - X-Shadow displays content form an existing HTML Module located anywhere in your DotNetNuke portal network. It's easy with X-Shadow to duplicate content across portals and pages. Just select the portal, the page and then the HTML Module on that page you want to shadow. Done! Quick and easy. Use X-Shadow to display support notices across all portals, increase Income by Advertising instantly across all portals and pages, brand your entire portal eco system by using a single web graphic design in one location yet shadowed everywhere and so much more with loads of new features on the way!

OnyakTech Subscribers can download this new module from the Members Area on now.

Download an evaluation version from

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File Share 2.0 DotNetNuke Module is now available on Subscribers can download this new release from the Members Area.

The OnyakTech File Sharing module makes it easy to share files from your site with instant direct download of individual files or bulk downloading of multiple files into a single zip file.  Store the files on your own server or on the Amazon S3 Cloud!  Also includes social features to promote comments, ratings and people can subscribe to get notified of new files via email!

This new version includes new granular security enhancements giving you complete control of the visibility by Role and User at the Category, File Group and individual File level.  

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The .Notes Android App for DotNetNuke has been published to the Google Play app store and in the Members Downloads on  Subscribers can download the new .Notes DNN Module and the Android app now. 

.Notes is a great way to add information on your web site to help you stay organized.  Notes are added to any page on your site and can include any information you need to store about each page that may include to do lists, styling notes, designs, business rules, customer change requests or maybe just a hello to the other people on you site.  This application requires your site to use DotNetNuke.  You can download the .Notes DotNetNuke module  Just install the .Notes Module to your site, add notes to any page and then view them here with this app!

A full demo will soon be available on

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New Google+ OnyakTech Page - Join to get the details on all new releases for DotNetNuke, Android and iOS.

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Another new DotNetNuke Module was published on today available to all OnyakTech Subscribers. This new release is called .Notes and it's goal is to make it easy for web developers to store notes about pages on a DotNetNuke web site. Use it to comment on the current page setup, add TO DO notes, leave comments for other developers or your customer and more. Also to be released soon are mobile applications for Android, iPhone and iPad that let you browse the notes for your pages from your mobile device. OnyakTech Subscribers can download this new release now from the My Downloads page on  
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