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Registration TBLI Nordic 2016 closing. Conference Starts Sept. 2016
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Where are the Impact Investors and ESG thought leaders?
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Goldman Sachs Perception of Trust and Integrity
Trust and Consequences. The daughter of a friend of mine called me about a Dutch Fraud Film festival. Would I have any examples of fraud to apply for the Fraud Film Festival Prize? The winner would receive funding to produce a documentary. I replied. “Wow. There is no shortage of examples”.


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Bhutan Impact Hospitality Project


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Latest edition on Impact Investing


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Makes dreams come true
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DAVdroid – CalDAV/CardDAV Sync - แอปพลิเคชัน Android ใน Google Play

DAVdroid is the only all-in-one synchronization solution for your contacts (CardDAV), calendars (CalDAV) and your tasks (based on VTODO). Th

Millennials and the Growth of Sustainable Investing

Barbara Krumsiek, CEO of Calvert Investments, talks about everything from reinventing SRI to engaging millennial investors.

Rural Community College Bhutan

Setting up a rural business community to help young Bhutanese to find a purpose in life. Create job in tourism, hotels and other businesses.

Solar & Wind Power To Be Cost-Competitive Without Subsidies By 2025 ...

Solar and wind power could be cost-competitive -- without federal subsidies -- with conventional power sources if new renewable energy devel

Renewable Energy Mutual Funds Are Back: A Good Year

For investors that hung in there or purchased shares at their lows, they are finally seeing strong returns in renewable energy.

True Costs in the Agriculture and Food Industry - The Inspired Economist

How are some calories so cheap as to be basically free? The answer partially lies in subsidies from the Farm Bill, but there are many other

United Church of Christ is first national church group to divest from fo...

PITTSBURGH — A group of Protestant churches has become the first U.S. religious body to vote to divest its pension funds and investments fro

Sunswift Eve Looking To Manufacture Mass Market Solar Cars

This article first appeared on Gas2 by Christopher Demorro The ultimate wet dream of electric vehicle enthusiasts is a solar-powered car tha

Philippines Makes 100% Renewable Energy In 10 Years Plan

This article first appeared on the website of the Worldwatch Institute (slightly different title, and image added). [caption id=

Obama Directs EPA to Use Clean Air Act to Regulate Emissions

Personal finance channel devoted to socially responsible investing and making the most meaningful use of your money. You'll find information

Tim DeChristopher On Letterman: “Stop And Think About What It Means To B...

On Tuesday, a man spoke on national television about the things he had done to confront climate change, and what he still planned to do. No,

IEA: Global renewable energy growing fast

Renewable energy is growing fast around the world and will edge out natural gas as the second biggest source of electricity, after coal, by

How can we tell if a “social bank” really is social? | Blog | Social Fin... is a network of investors, enterprises, and enablers that are actively harnessing finance for social impact through communi

Infographic - President Obama's Climate Action Plan

My Photo · Richard Matthews: Richard Matthews is President of Small Business Consulting (SBC), and the owner of The Green Market Oracle. Ric

Obama's Great Climate Change Speech

He covered most of the bases in this energetic, thoughtful speech.

Empire State Retrofit Being Replicated Across the US

The program is so successful, cutting energy use 38%, that it's being used as a model for commercial buildings.

Hundreds of Small Businesses Sign Climate Declaration

Personal finance channel devoted to socially responsible investing and making the most meaningful use of your money. You'll find information

House Passes Amendment Favoring Hemp

It would give universities the right to cultivate and grow hemp without worrying about federal retribution.

Could Brazil escape the carbon bubble?

Latest Carbon Tracker report on overvalued fossil fuel assets suggest Brazil is well placed to take advantage of the transition to a low-car

Mailchimp was a good service. It is horrible now.
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Kia is the best service provider I have ever had. We were upgrading our server and database program, Daylite. Of course, Apple failed in delivering the server which made it impossible for Kia to come. In spite of extremely late delivery, Kia made the time in a weekend to install new server. Transition to Daylite 4 was very tough. Nothing seemed to work. Kia always kept his cool and tried every possible effort to get it working and eventually realising that the network connection was not functioning properly. He helped us with our new voip telephone system, even though that was not his responsibility. No problem is too small, or question too hard.for Kia. He is always there to help his clients. He is the first supplier I ever met that actually cares about his clients and doesn't only see them as a pay check. Looking forward to many years of collaboration.
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