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Share to ANYWHERE • Sharing is caring • Grow your Social Media Empire #SMM #SocialMedia #Marketing & #GrowthHacking
Share to ANYWHERE • Sharing is caring • Grow your Social Media Empire #SMM #SocialMedia #Marketing & #GrowthHacking

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Schedule posts for Google+ Profiles and Collections without the browser running all the time!

I am happy to announce that Google+ team has taken another step in the right direction and made it possible to publish to Google+ profiles and collections to all Google+ partners.

So from now on, Friends+Me users are going to be able to schedule and publish posts for Google+ profiles and collections without the need to keep the browser with the Friends+Me extension up and running all the time!

We've almost lost all hopes but it's finally here! How cool is that!

All you have to do is to reconnect your already connected Google+ Profile and Page accounts to enable this new feature.
The feature will be automatically enabled for all accounts you'll connect from now on.

There's a catch. The extended Google+ API do not support publishing to Google Apps profiles, only vanilla Google profiles are supported at the moment. Google+ team promised to remove this limitation soon.

Let me know what you think of this new feature.

Enjoy :)

How to reconnect account?

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Reshare to Google+ in fewer clicks

As of today, when you hit the share icon on a Google+ post, you'll automatically be taken to a Google+ reshare of the post. Previously, users were given an option between Google+ and other social options. This was done in an effort to reduce the number of clicks it took you to reshare Google+ content on Google+. While there is no longer direct share capability to other social sites, copy/paste from the address bar in your browser still works just fine.

We hope this will make your experience here a little bit more seamless and thanks for the feedback that got us here!
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Making the G+1 button load more quickly

The G+1 button is shown billions of times per day on web pages around the world, so it’s important that it load as quickly and efficiently as possible. To make it easier for people to load and share the pages they’re interested in, we’ve created a simpler G+1 button sharing experience.

Beginning in a few weeks, clicking the +1 button will open a streamlined new Google+ sharing dialog, and the G+1 button will no longer display a +1 count. If you’re a publisher, you can rest assured that these +1s do not affect search ranking and the size and layout of the button will remain the same.

These changes will only affect the G+1 button outside of Google+. The +1 button within Google+ will continue to work the same way it always has.

If you’d like to view all of the pages you’ve +1’d over the years, you can download a list using Google Takeout.

We hope this change makes it that much easier to check out and recommend all the interesting things you discover!

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Google+ Update - White is the new red
Our top bar got a (minor) makeover

As some of you may have noticed, we've replaced the red in our top navigation bar with white in certain destinations on web (iOS coming soon) to make everything a little nicer on the eyes. Based on your feedback, we think you guys are gonna like this. Enjoy!

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Google+ lives!
What's new with Google+

Hey there Plussers! I'm your friendly neighborhood G+ Server Eng Manager, and I wanted to take a little time to tell you some of the great things the G+ team is working on. As always, we listen carefully to your feedback, and in the coming months, we'll be focusing on your most highly requested areas of improvement, including:

• Better spam control
• Enhanced community moderation
• Improvements to the web user experience
• More intuitive navigation and discovery
• Cleaner notifications

And more that we'll reveal as they become available ;)

We've heard your desire to stay informed about G+ product updates. Going forward, you can expect to hear more from me; our Product Managers, like +John Nack​, our Program Managers, like +Carter Gibson​; and Community Managers, like +Leanne Osborne​ and +Madeleine DeRome​. We'll try our best to reply to questions and keep you up to date on all the great progress.



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Improved Photo Browsing

Hi friendly iOS users,

We’re proud to announce an improved photo browsing experience. Now, when you tap on a photo, you get a richer experience where you can (1) zoom-in (2) scroll to see more photos and (3) pinch or tap the icon in the top right to see a mosaic view of the photos in the stream. One of my favorite uses of this is to browse Leo Deegan’s photo collections, check it out and bring on the feedback!

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Friends+Me REDESIGN - We’ve released new redesigned version of Friends+Me.

New responsive design is simpler, faster and supports every mobile device.

Fire up your mobile devices, it’s time to give Friends+Me a proper try! You’ll love it!

P.S. Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

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Interesting G+ engagement analysis from +CircleCount

How do you feel about G+?
Google+ Engagement Analysis - April 2017

We have reshared yesterday a post by +Gideon Rosenblatt and the following discussion was great (!
So many familiar faces and so many opinions about the last years of Google+. And Gideon had to write a new post because of the 500-comments-limit.

+Ondřej Pokorný brought up the idea to check some numbers.
If you know CircleCount, you know that you don't need to ask us twice.

We have analyzed more than 500,000 public posts of 120 profiles and got the attached chart with the following metrics: plusones (yellow), reshares (red), comments (blue) per post.

The 120 profiles are the first 120 who have commented on Gideon's post. That's probably not a representative subset, but these are persons who are active on Google+. At least they have written one comment in the last 24 hours ;)

It's quite interesting to see the ups and downs compared to the different events happened on Google+ in the last years.

You can find the analysis of the posts of our page in the first comment here.
That was generated with the Dashboard PRO ( and is even more interesting because we can see how everything changed when the new Google+ UI was launched (in beta). Maybe we are doing something wrong but the analysis of the 120 profiles is showing a similar trend besides an increase last summer.

We are happy that +Carter Gibson and +Leo Deegan have joined the discussion on Gideon's post and saw the passion of many Google+ users.
That passion is why we love Google+!
A bit more love for the 3rd party developers or the issue tracker would be great though ;)

All other infographics: 

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Community Member List and Simplified Web View for iOS

We’ve just launched a release that includes a few helpful features for navigating communities and viewing content on the web. For communities, we have a native community member list feature, which you can navigate to by tapping on the member faces on a community's page. You can also tap on the top bar to filter by either members or moderators (and you have even more options if you’re the moderator of a community!). To simplify viewing articles posted to G+, we’ve cleaned up the “view in web” experience to a single button in the top right. If you want to change your default between Chrome and Safari, simply go to the “Google App Settings” part of your Settings page.

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Sorry for the inconvenience.
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