I am not sure if this is a game, but I hope you will play anyway. Let me explain. 

I participate in +Litterati, which is a crowd-sourced effort to clean the planet "one piece of litter at a time." For Make Cycle 3, I created a mini-Litterati experience for the #clmooc  community. 

Here's how to play:
1. Find a piece of litter in one of the categories below and photograph it
2. Dispose of it properly or put it in recycling if possible
3. Open the CLMOOC Litterati ZeeMap 
4. Go to "Additions" 
5. Select "Add Marker" in the drop down menu
(You can choose to create simple or detailed markers.)
6. Add your entry information
7. Upload the photograph you took
8. Click submit
9. Post your pick to Instagram with the hashtag #litterati to have your find added in the digital landfill

Try to find something in each of the following categories: 
o Starbucks/Coffee 
o Fast Food 
o Candy Wrapper 
o Tobacco Product 
o Chip/Snack Packaging 
o Soda Can 
o Plastic Beverage Container 
o Plastic Cutlery or Cup 
o Plastic Cap or Lid 
o Glass Bottle or Bottle Cap

The first person to collect and document all ten items wins the satisfaction of working to help create “A Litter Free World.”

Visit www.litterati.org to find out how to join the cause. 
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