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Jeremy Adams
24 year old horror movie fanatic and computer nerd.
24 year old horror movie fanatic and computer nerd.


It seems Google glass has a problem. Everyone they have announced as winners of if I had glass could have accomplished their goals with a basic action camera like the gopro at a much lower cost. Unless they get this thing in the hands of actual developers who plan to actually do something with it then they are setting themselves up for another nexus Q, an over priced single purpose device with good enough competition. Note: I did not enter this competition because I don't really think I have any great ideas for this thing since Google hasn't really told us what's it actually capable of.
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So much beer in savannah. I love this city, we really need open container laws like this in NC.
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System Shock 2 rereleased on Instant purchase for me since it should run easily in wine.
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Working on learning more about Android development and I'm curious if anyone on here has any advice. I've noticed a lot of android books seem to pitch you the basics of Java in a chapter or two and then move on to android specific stuff. My question is should an android developer learn java first or is a simple understanding of core java concepts enough?
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I have been seriously considering leaving Facebook lately. The only problem with this is the lack of users on Google+. It seems that most of the posts I see on here are all from random companies trying to market something not actual normal users.
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Really wanna get my rezound fixed so I can ditch this iPhone 4s. I miss android. 
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At the theater seeing cabin in the woods for the second time now. One of the best movies of the year.
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5 simple steps for a better Google+ experience

Especially puzzling for beginners is that they post something public and nobody answers. Then they think that the reports about Google+ being dead or a Ghost Town are true.

Myth: If you post public everyone can see your post
Potentially true but not completely true.
Everyone can see it IF:
    a) they visit your profile
    b) search for one of the words in your post
The truth is 99% of the people will have no idea you exist or posted something until they add you to their circles. Only then, people will see your post in their stream.

So the process to gain visibility is:
   1) Create an interesting profile.
   2) Add people to your circles.
   3) Visit their profile or read the stream and +1, comment, reshare their posts
   4) Keep posting public (unless is something really private or circle oriented) 
   5) Thank your followers for their +1, comments and re-shares on your posts.
And repeat steps 2-5 often.

Thanks for reading this post and let me know how can I help.   
It is not a coincidence that both photos are showing Disneyland, because Google+ is also the Happiest Place on Earth.
#gplustips    #googleplustip    #googleplus  
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Google Drive
Google Drive
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