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The Dolls have Furniture!
I am writing this blog on Dec 13th, Jack O'Neill's birthday.   There were so many levels we interacted on, a shared love of music, grandchildren, goats new England architecture, the search for antique treasures  and on and on.   Many nice collections of ant...

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How to Clean Wax Dolls
  I have dozens of doll projects, a few of which are being worked with now. The nice blond paper mache head getting a new body is an American doll not found too often.  Her facial paint is pristine, never mind the loss of a bit of shoulder plate.  I ordered...

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Tasha Tudor loved Dolls.
I have found very little information about the unexciting doll kits bearing
Tasha's signature and a related date.   They were authorized by
her though not designed by her. Dates on the backs of the dolls range at least
from 1973 to 1982.   The dolls are not...

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A Boy Doll Named Benjamin James Pendergast
 I am thrilled with my little boy doll!   He is adorable to me though many collectors would not touch
such a far from perfect thing.    He is so unspoiled and such a dear
little toy and has the note pinned to his clothing giving the name of the doll
and the...

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Varnish on Papier Mache dolls belongs there.
On 19th century records in Germany, papier mache doll heads were referred to as varnished heads generically.  The varnish is right to be on them. Often it darkens with age and accumulates a little dirt and wear which we call patina and that is right to be t...

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Antique Doll Apron Pattern.
In dressing Antique dolls an apron is a pretty accessory to add.  So many have been lost in time it is hard to realize the tiny aprons were ubiquitous among dolls of the nineteenth century.   I have a small collection of these little textiles and have drawn...

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Instructions for making a Doll’s Waist Pocket
Large bag like pockets preceded our common practice of
sewing pockets into garments themselves. Women wore pockets tied around the
waist with long strings, under the skirt but over the petticoat. These waist pockets
were accessed by means of an opening in t...

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Be Careful Cleaning China Dolls
Here is a rather unusual variant of the covered wagon hair style.  She is planning her dress that I will make for her.  She was bought several years ago when China Head dolls were much higher and was expensive even with a badly reglued broken shoulder.  I l...

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Antique Dolls in an old House
   Used just as accents in a few of the rooms, the dolls were part of a general collection of old furnishings in the Red Cape.  They would have struck a wrong note if they had been everywhere you looked.   Instead, other than the few mentioned, the doll col...
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