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Shortly after the Indiana Court of Appeals issued its decision in this case ordering a new trial for the defendant, the Indiana Supreme Court reversed a similar decision by the Court of Appeals in another case ("Ryan").  The State asked the Court of Appeals for a rehearing based on the  new Supreme Court decision.  The Court of Appeals ruled, "We issue this opinion on rehearing but re-affirm our original decision in all respects, finding that the prosecutorial misconduct present in this case was much more egregious than that in Ryan and concluding that the prosecutor’s misconduct did amount to fundamental error under the standard now to be used."  The defendant is represented on appeal by Susan Rayl of Smith Rayl Law Office. #indianacourtofappeals #prosecutorialmisconduct   #brummett  

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The Indiana Court of Appeals held that misconduct by the prosecutor at trial constituted fundamental error and ordered a new trial for the defendant, who is represented on appeal by Suan Rayl of Smith Rayl Law Office, LLC.   #indianacourtofappeals   #prosecutorialmisconduct   #brummett  
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