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David Gardiner
Christian, Husband, Father, Software developer, purveyor of 'dad' jokes
Christian, Husband, Father, Software developer, purveyor of 'dad' jokes

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Speaking at NDC Sydney 2017
Well this happened! Yes, my talk “ Life is like a Box of Chocolate(y) ” was accepted for NDC Sydney! I’ll be speaking about using Chocolatey and BoxStarter as a way of scripting out the configuration of your developer workstation. You might think of these a...

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Deploying Enterprise Applications can be an art unto itself. Sophisticated, distributed systems often have a lot of moving parts. Databases often need to be updated with schema changes and new reference data with each new release.

In this presentation, we'll take a look at the basics of Octopus Deploy and see how it can significantly free up developers to focus on actual development, rather than having to also worry about the deployment aspects as well.

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The Adelaide launch event for Visual Studio 2015, followed by +Ben Laan  speaking about the new .NET Roslyn Compilers as a Service.

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Excited to announce that Georgia Germein (+GermeinSisters ) will be appearing this Saturday together with local Adelaide band Sevenfold to raise money for Oxfam. Tickets $10 at the door

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+Scott Hanselman  joins us from the US to give an developer's eye view of Microsoft Azure.

What is it?
As a developer, why should I care?
What can it do for me?

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I've been seeing some kind of corruption bug reading content from

Darren's feed looks ok to me, but in Feedly it is duplicating the posts and changing the source URLs to point to other sites.

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Adelaide .NET User Group

Jeremy will provide a quick overview of WCF OData Services using Entity Framework to quickly scaffold out a functioning data service capable of retrieving data and returning it to a simple data query application.  He will also discuss this approach in the context of enterprise service oriented architectures and the kinds of situations where you might use this solution rather than a tightly bound data client.

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In this talk, we’ll highlight at least 10 less well known features of .NET.
Features that may not be used by most developers very often. But if you know they’re available, then it’s good to know that they’re sitting in your toolbox, ready for action!

Please register via the Meetup link

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ANZ Coders Conference–10 unusual tips & tricks for .NET
My second talk for the ANZ Coders virtual conference is now online. “10 unusual tips & tricks for .NET” manages to demonstrate 10 different tips in under 30 minutes. Source code for the demos is on Github . Over time, I hope to add to this repo as I come...

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Voting for sessions is now open!
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