Literary Monday, February 6 edition
Favorite Reads From The Week That Was

Be amazed, amused and possibly grossed out as you watch Deep End Dining tackle three extra large bowls of pho within one hour to score 'em for free.

FoodGPS visits a classic Little Tokyo dining spot (and one of my solid standbys,) Sushi Gen, and tried a variety of dishes with Effing Dericious and Mattatouille (Oh, how I wish I can DecoPic that last photo of Matt!)

And I'm loving this Simple Cabbage Slaw recipe by Diana Takes A Bite (though given my "knife-laziness", I'd more likely buy the packaged veg and just make the dressing...)

Like vodka, fortified wines (Ports, Sherries and the like) seemed to get the short stick as of late, but this LA Times Magazine piece highlights a few that are worth a shot. Pun intended

Backyard chickening isn't all glamour and endless eggs, according to CHOW.

Hope you had your breakfast today before reading this SeriousEats' near-exhaustive, photo-laden list of every doughnut style imaginable.

Still stumped on what to cook for your significant other on Valentine's weekend/day? CHOW got you covered with quite a few classics to impress & stir up some amoré.
or if you lean on going out, a hilarious flowchart on where to go (possible endings incl. "to teach the miracle of life" & "mistake of some sort").

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