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food- & drink-centric adventures in the kitchen, around the city and outta town
food- & drink-centric adventures in the kitchen, around the city and outta town


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Taste testing Godiva's Mid-Autumn Collection of Chocolate "Mooncakes"

Salad query, do you prefer the greens whole leaf, rough-chopped or finely shredded?

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This article inspired me to buy Pepperidge Farms cookies (something I haven't done in years) ... went with Tahoe.

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Zombies aren't only confined to Tiki & Rum-focused bars in SoCal, here's a few unexpected spots where I saw them crawling about...

Literary Monday, February 13 edition
Favorite Reads From The Week That Was

There were quite a few posts on Playa & Rivera's "Art as an Appetizer" meal for Pacific Standard Time's art & cultural collaborative effort, but I particularly love the vivid posts & descriptions by Gourmet Pigs & Thirsty in LA.

I love kale, so it's no surprise that I also love this easy spicy peanut kale recipe from Place and Taste

Crudo always look so fancy on restaurant menus, but it's really surprisingly easy to make - esp. if you follow this recipe by Sippity Sup.

And speaking of menus, CHOW busts a few myths behind the pseudo-social-science of "menu psychology."

How does a $100 Margarita taste like? Treasure LA finds out at Red O.

Lastly, an oldie but goodie read from Slate praising jerky, "the great American charcuterie."

And now I want a Barbacoa from Rivera (extra jerky please!)

LA & OC Foodventures

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A few favorite +Las Vegas drinking spots from a recent trip up: Vesper Bar @ The Cosmopolitan, Big Dog's Brewing Co & Frankie's Tiki Room

Literary Monday, February 6 edition
Favorite Reads From The Week That Was

Be amazed, amused and possibly grossed out as you watch Deep End Dining tackle three extra large bowls of pho within one hour to score 'em for free.

FoodGPS visits a classic Little Tokyo dining spot (and one of my solid standbys,) Sushi Gen, and tried a variety of dishes with Effing Dericious and Mattatouille (Oh, how I wish I can DecoPic that last photo of Matt!)

And I'm loving this Simple Cabbage Slaw recipe by Diana Takes A Bite (though given my "knife-laziness", I'd more likely buy the packaged veg and just make the dressing...)

Like vodka, fortified wines (Ports, Sherries and the like) seemed to get the short stick as of late, but this LA Times Magazine piece highlights a few that are worth a shot. Pun intended

Backyard chickening isn't all glamour and endless eggs, according to CHOW.

Hope you had your breakfast today before reading this SeriousEats' near-exhaustive, photo-laden list of every doughnut style imaginable.

Still stumped on what to cook for your significant other on Valentine's weekend/day? CHOW got you covered with quite a few classics to impress & stir up some amoré.
or if you lean on going out, a hilarious flowchart on where to go (possible endings incl. "to teach the miracle of life" & "mistake of some sort").

LA & OC Foodventures

Friday Quickies from 2/3 to 2/10
Events for the Week Ahead

Monday, Feb. 6, 7 p.m. - Just in time for Valentine's Day, Public School 612 is putting together an Aphrodisiac 101 "class" where you'll taste & learn a variety of foods & drinks purported to give you that va-va-va-VOOM . . . perhaps increasing the likelihood that you'll get shot by Cupid's arrow. $40/person (if bought presale, it also includes a $10 gift card for future use.)

Tuesday, Feb. 7, 6:30 p.m. - If you love oysters & bubblies, consider checking out Bluewater Grill's Oysters & Champagne Tasting (taking place at their Tustin, Redondo Beach & Newport Beach locations.) For $29.95/person, you get a dozen oysters from the Pacific Northwest along with 2 champagnes, 2 cocktails or 2 beers (no word on if you can mix & match.)

Tuesday, Feb. 7, 7:30 p.m. - Curious Palate & Venokado will be teaming up to do a Spanish Tapas & Wine Pairing @ The Market At Santa Monica Place. For $64/person, diners can enjoy six tasty wine-paired courses such as clams with sherry, capers and sofrito paired with a tempranillo and chorizo, manchegos, olives and quince paired with a garnacha.

LA & OC Foodventures

Literary Monday, January 30 edition
Favorite Reads From The Week That Was

Brace your liver as you read about Chocomeat's tasting tour through Portland's Distillery Row with a $20 passport.

Combining the sweet, savory and boozy, Windattack sums up the essentials of a proper brunch, and the one he hosted just because.

Speaking of brunch & drinking, Caroline on Crack goes gaga over 320 Main's twist of the White Russian that we tried after brunching there.

Meanwhile, Catty Critic tackles making a tres-chic Beef Wellington, with kids (to help cook & prep, not in the Wellington.)

We've all heard about the stress involved with opening a restaurant or bar, but if you think you can avoid that by making products instead, CHOW advises you think again.
and just in case you're still curious, a few pointers for getting your stuff on the shelves.

I'm a sucker for avocados and guacamole, so it's great reading this geeky SeriousEats food lab article dissecting all of its components, along with what it touts as the best recipe. Your mileage may vary.

And just because I'm annoyed at people who unnecessarily go gluten-free, I am loving this Slate piece on wheat gluten (along with an easy recipe for making your own.)

LA & OC Foodventures

Friday Quickies for 1/27 to 2/3
Events for the Week Ahead

Saturday, Jan. 28 - Santa Monica's Barker Hangar is the site of the 3rd Annual Pinot Days Southern California, where more than 80 pinot noir producers from around the globe will showcase approximately 300 wines. Taste these wines, meet the makers and maybe learn a few lessons about this noble grape. $60/general admission, $100/VIP (plus 10% off if use code LAFOODIESC12 upon checkout)

Saturday, Jan. 28, 12 to 4 p.m. - Eagle Rock Brewery Turns 2 & is celebrating its birthday @ Verdugo Bar; and of course they'll be serving many of their amazing beers @ Verdugo's patio area. Grill 'Em All and Mandoline Grill trucks will also be there serving up delicious treats. $12/person (and you get a commemorative taster glass to keep too.)

Saturday, Jan. 28 - Help fund a film and enjoy some delicious nibbles and sips at the COOK the Movie Red Carpet Soiree featuring an open bar, live band performances and raffles (oh yeah, you'll probably learn a little more about the making of this movie too) while helping the filmmakers raise the needed funds to produce the movie. While you can donate whatever you can afford for the general admission @ 9:30 p.m., for $40 (or $50 at the door) you are guaranteed a spot in their pre-party that includes a champagne reception, meet & greet with the cast and crew and a slew of other perks.

Sunday, Jan. 29, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. - The Universal Hilton is the site of 2012 Japanese Food & Sake Festival, where you can learn and taste to your heart's delight from dozens of restaurants, specialty food vendors and, of course, sake producers. There will also be live performances, cooking demos, and for those who love a challenge, sake tasting and sushi eating contests. $50/person (or $60 at the door).

Last but not least, this will be final week of Dine LA's Restaurant Week, so have at it!

LA & OC Foodventures
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